Suits Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Compensation

I have watched SUITS since episode 1. I am beginning to wonder if SUITS is
"jumping the shark". Number 1-Mike working w/ Robert-isn't that the 800 lb
weight in the room that Robert will find out Mike's "secret"? Even worse
the other side find out -one has to figure that nearly every law firm has
private investigators working for them or they hire as needed. Secondly
when Louis grabbed the paper from Donna to put it back in the copier.
Why wouldn't Donna then go over and take it and destroy it? What was
Louis going to do? Fire Donna? Tell her to go back to Harvey? Either
way Jessica would have found out what his intentions were and reamed
him out. Yes I know that this a drama and for sake of the story moving
forward Harvey's salary had to be found out. Yes I know that Louis said
prove it. Again doesn't anyone think that Jessica will put 2 +2 together?
I realize that in any story there is a need for a protagonist but having
Louis act like an ass each week does get tired at times. Harvey & Louis
are both child like at times, {Louis more so}, and Jessica seems at times
to be more therapist than senior partner. BTW-since Harvey's secretary
seems to be another "Donna" how will they bring her back to Harvey
or will they leave it as it is -she works for Louis and that is it. If Harvey
isn't going to pay the additional money how will she deal with that
among other situations such as Louis being a needy child most of the

Sarah silva

I was happy that Johnny was just using Sid. However the plan went south quickly! Would he not have had Lucia come to Carlito's room with them to ensure her safety?
I am glad that Paige forgave Mike. She should not have been as mad at him as she was.
However it is odd that all it took was Mike to tell her what happened the day Lena died even though he had tried to tell her before. I guess she was ready to listen. Mike telling her to look at the medal as all the good she has done and not the bad seems to have changed her mind too and I think she will stay.
Mike is not well he should not be out in the field.
I knew Charlie would not have the abortion. She needed Briggs to think she did so he would not stop her going to Florida. I think Charlie is being way too naïve and I do not see this going well at all and I think she will end up losing the baby for real.
Briggs, what can I say? He is crossing the line more than ever and I do not see how he can go back after this.
Logan is just plain annoying. There is something off with this guy. Are we really to believe a guy in his position can only yell and people?!? That is why I think he is dirty and is trying lord is power over everyone and I hope he gets taken down soon.


I have to admit. Hannibal is incredible at endurance and strength. I could've sworn all his bones were broken but he manages to hobble off when he lands in the yard. Props to Morpheus though. He kicked ass. Could see his insanity shining through like an orgy of fireflies. I like how whenever Hannibal was about to kill his victims that he would practically state he was going to kill them. Pazzi was incredibly reckless and should've taken the hints and backed out but there is no backing out from Mads.


the episode for me was a little off. i think the show is being stretched into too many directions with all the agents having their own separate storyline which makes for absolutely no teamwork. i think what made this team good was most of them were working for a common interest. still a good show but i would like to see them working together again instead of them all having separate cases and lives.

Douglas henning

I think there should be a new drinking game.. Every time some show puts a Gay angle into it.. It's no wonder the public think that there are more gay people than there really are... It seems every single drama show I watch eventually has a gay angle somewhere in it.. it's almost like a requirement for TV these days.. I am not homophobic and supported gay marriage ( as my church just did officially this week) but Hollywood is just over the top.. It's probably because there are probably more gays involved in the entertainment business than mainstream America.. Maybe making up for lost time for the years when it couldn't be a storyline since it's nothing really new..

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I really don't think it was the show that booted Ziva, it was something else and it is being kept very private! Mark Harmon knows when something is working for the show and "Ziva" was a huge part. The choice was Pablo. But I do agree that the show is losing some interest on my husband and I. We love this show but it isn't as good.


Loved the episode! Seriously though, Marlo was wearing skinny jeans last week and showing A Lot this week?!?!?

Debbie scott petty

it took me a while to finish this show because i didn't like peter bishop being cheated on! i hope he gets a better story line next season.also there seems to be a lot of cheating spouse tv shows right now.


I thought Jane was particularly disrespectful towards her mom in this episode.


I missed this last night but they don't have all 13 episodes on nbc.com....it was only the first 5 and this week is the last week they are available I think...........