Phenomenal interviews Jim... I already love this cast! The Flash is at the top of my list for the fall. Super stoked!

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Unforgettable(they need their own page), Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes,Rookie Blue, Motive, Under The Dome.

Major Crimes Review: On the Bubble

Just noting - I have really been enjoying this season of Major Crimes very, very much. The lighter episodes (like this one) have been great, and the serious ones have been well done also, IMO. And I think Rusty has been one of the most realistic teenagers on TV. He doesn't stop his "annoying moments" in a show or two - what teenager does? He makes the same mistakes more than once, just like all teenagers. When you get beneath the protective shell - - his heart is generous and hungry for real affection; just like the teenager I was and the ones I used to teach!

Elena Satine to Get Unhinged on Revenge Season 4

is she another clark??

@ Martha Herrera

she might be, who knows what David has been up to all those years still hating they brought him back, they should've brought him sooner or not at all

Teen Wolf Review: No One Else Dies

Yeah so, Kate has quite the temper and Garrett is quite adept with that lacrosse stick. The Stydia thing was happening too. Lots for the Crowd to take in this week. #Teenwolf indexes at 34% positive in Twitter today, with much of the negative sentiment around appeals to PLEASE KILL GARRETT and loads of tears for Liam. http://www.30db.com/homeNews.p...

One Tree Hill Rewind: Are You True?

ah i love when you do these!!! OTH is my favorite show

Once Upon a Time Stars Preview Frozen Arc, Sing "Let It Go"

Preview Frozen arc, Refuse to Sing Let It Go would be the more appropriate headline. They're clearly no fun.

American Horror Story Freak Show Characters: Revealed!

The season sounded good until they cast Emma Roberts in it.

Under the Dome Review: What's 1821?

The show reminds me of a daytime soap opera. There's no continuity.

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Great review, however you left out one of the most uncomfortable moments, maybe by choice. I have always felt that Andi was a little over the top and didn't really see her as being as upfront, as one would think all season. Nick calling her out on national tv may have been a cheap shot, but she signed up for a nationally televised show. The night before the rose ceremony, Nick made a reference to a nite, in the water, when she let it go to far, so I think it happened more than once. I know she's a grown woman, and these things happen. I am curious if Jake was aware of all this before last night's show, and I wonder if Andi hooked up with him, in the FS. That could have been a real uncomfortable moment, if she hadn't told him in advance. Jake seemed a little over the top, when constantly referencing the amount of sneaky sex they have been having since the end of the filming. Kinda like rubbing it in Nicks face.
I wish them well, and hope it all works out, without a restraining order for Nick.
CHRIS will make a great new bachelor.

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@ reality adictt

Sorry, early morning brain cramped. The lucky winner is Josh, not Jake.