this is why I never go by bloggers etc. My twitter feed has been full with RBS allocades and criticism of the Mysteries of Laura show. Just goes to show you that critics don't really have their pulse on what people want to see. Another one that bloggers/critics are hyping like crazy is that Jane the Virgin show. I have a feeling that is going to bomb also. We'll see. Not that I want anyone out of work its just ironic to me

@ aud

I think this is a case where the new online Nielsen ratings will come in handy. The series is quite obviously marketed to The Fault in Our Stars audience and the majority will watch online. Mysteries will tank. Poor Debra Messing. She's living up to her name.

@ aud

I don't think critics claim to have a pulse on what people want to see. They are just offering their own opinions.
For instance, most critics HATE the CBS show Stalker, while also admitting it will do very well. However, take note of one point in this article: the last show to rate this well for its premiere plummeted thereafter and was canceled after one very low-rated season


Anyone else notice that Josh Lucas' character's name is Jake...just like in Sweet Home Alabama?

@ MrsDrMcDreamy

Yep! Noticed that and now it makes me want to watch the movie again lol. Happy to have him back on my TV!


So looks very 'cool' ;) lol
Good questions and answers
My faves are Snowing and CaptainSwan - interested in that dynamic.
Also what will and how will Regina be.
Elsa and Anna's past and how did she come about to be locked away in the vault. The sisterly bond which was nice in the movie come into play here. Anna and Kristoff scenes etc. Look forward to all that.


Bring on the Elsa and Emma friendship for sure because these two do have things in common from the movie. Alone, with magic, guarded up, probably now letting love in.
Hook's bit seems so exciting and explore more of that because its always the INNER self that is more Hook and also Hook and Emma.
Just really want to see more Emma centric episodes this season.


Gotta love Jim for saying and letting them know - that he is CaptainSwan fan! yay for Jim #cooldude
But really good interview Jim and questions. #thumbsup
Sounds all interesting.
Emma/Elsa yay - my wish was that we see them meet and bond, talk and bond over fears, walls, love and obviously magic lol.
Very interesting about Emma/Hook.That we will see their past issues come up again, i had this feeling that was going to be one of the cases. Their past and their issues are what makes them who they are and how they have always fitted and seen more of in each other and can their love overcome and progress. Interesting angle coz its the struggles inside of them that is the issues.


Thank you for asking about Hook and Emma! I'm excited to see them struggle to be together since they're both complicated individuals and I'd like to see it all play out. Smooth sailing is not realistic and I'm happy Adam and Eddy are staying true to who they are as individuals but also not neglecting the fact that these two share a special something that they need to figure out and fight for :)

@ Mikayla

Exactly, I am sure they will face their challenges but please don't make it that they split up permenantly!




Emma and Elsa do have a lot in common. They're...both girls! They're both blonde! Friendship! Please, please don't let Henry be working with Rumplestiltskin. That abuser needs to be far, far away from children.


If the murder suicide
Timer is false then. That's Mallory's husband with the gun or Niel daydreaming.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

You don't actually mention what shows the characters are in. This is poor and about as informative as a gum wrapper.\

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