Teen Wolf Review: Hunters and Hunted

Are you for real? me as many people I know wanted Lacrosse to come back so much, to go back a bit on it's roots, this season has been as good as the rest, humor was lost a bit on the last one so is good to see it back. The new characters not only needed for all those who left are nice, and the story line is quite good. Also is not people that have died, the key words have been people Lydia cared about, is quite possible the next one is Jackson. And Scott thought than you thought? he is a true alpha...what did you expect really?

Teen Wolf Review: Hunters and Hunted

oh look another tv fanatic who doesn't seem to know how to write good revies, and just say all they don't like, like the girl that writes the glee reviews..

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Oh look. Another commenter who just complains about the reviewer but has nothing to share about the show.

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You made me laugh, Glee's still on air, AND people are still watching it?!


1. Fav scene!
The Emily Hanna face off! Just loved it. A really strong moment, game changing for my fav Liar Hanna.
2.Caleb and Rosewood!?
I mean at this point this is like pushing Stelena after season 5 of VD. It's irrelevant! Honestly no one Fing cares.
She has some dirty laundry but with the type of women she is that is probably a minor thing to the whole story. The Hastings are once more used as boring boring extensions of the story, pulling us away from the main story.
4.A wanting Ally in Rosewood!?
So the ultimate plan can start. I believe many of Ally's secrets will be revealed and it will get nasty(can't wait). Can't wait for Sasha's performance she is nailing the role of Ally. Can't believe she just turned 18.
From all the stories they choose to follow up this one. Facepalm! I mean honestly. Either way the truth will come out by midseason at least. Worried how Aria will take this along the way.

True Blood Review: Time and Tequila

Bill got infected when he cured Arlene because the infected vamps had been feeding on her and then she fed on Bill.....

Switched at Birth Review: Life Goes On

That whole cocaine thing was terrifying and I'm worried for Daphne in general because she regularly does impulsive things when she feels a loss of control of other issues in her life. I feel like it's not going to end there by a long shot. I think Bay is going to handle this a little better, mostly because she has an incredibly strong support system all around, including her parents, brother and Emmett. Of course Daphne has the Kennishes as well, but the way I've always seen it, the parents each of them grew up with are still the most critical caregivers in their lives - Regina needs her daughter right now as much as she needs to be there for her daughter. I'm surprised no one's really mentioned how fragile and lost Regina seemed in this episode. She's actually the one I was the most worried about (until Daphne did the coke, that is!). I thought it was sweet of Katherine to look out for her and basically host Leo and the baby so that Regina could grieve in private. I really hope Daphne finds her way back to her mom soon because they need each other. Side notes: Travis and Mary Beth are precious even when seen fleetingly in the background! And I'm irritated that they are making Tank Toby's roommate. It seems weird to me, especially with Toby and Emmett being so tight. I guess I just don't feel like I have much use for Tank - unless the writers take him back to who he was before he and Bay dated.

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I liked the friendship between Kathryn and Regina being highlighted. I wasn't worried for Regina because she mentioned going to a meeting. If she's still doing that, she should stay on course. Daphne, however, is a real worry. She skipped the gateway drug! Right to the hard stuff. I hope that's the end of the drugs, at least.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Adds New Frozen Character

great additions, i may start to watch it again


What was your favorite scene?
I am an Ezira fan so I liked when Aria was helping Ezra look for clues. How do you think Caleb will explain Ravenswood? Is that why he's still so down?
I am not sure. Didn't Caleb tell Hanna that Miranda was dead when she went to visit him? I can not recall if he told her that or not. If he did then he should just tell her he is sad that Miranda died. I am not sure how much more the topic of Ravenswood will come up though. Mr. Hastings didn't kill Mrs. D. Does that open the door wider for Veronica to be the culprit or are the Hastings in the clear?
I am with Leigh...I think Mr. Hastings is guilty or in the very least hiding a lot more than he is letting on. Why does A want Ali to stay in Rosewood?
So that A can torture Ali and Emily, Hanna, Aria and Emily. Does anyone care about the who killed Shana inquiry?
Yes because there is more to it and more answers will be revealed. Yes they had a funeral and it was on the internet but is she really dead? This is PLL so stranger things have happened!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Oh geez. If another person comes back to life, they might as well just make the darn show Ravenswood anyway! Shana was always a bore. Let her stay dead. Caleb never did tell Hanna about Miranda's death. I still think he will at some point.


I really like Stefan and Elena together. However I think in the end it will be Damon and Elena.


I miss the days when the Men Tell All involved talking to more of the men. Now it is just a small part of the show. Oh well. I watched it but was doing other things while it was on.
I am not sure who to believe with the whole Andrew issue. It dose not bode well for him when he calls Marquel, RON! Seriously Andrew you can not tell the difference between the two, you spend a good amount of time with Marquel.
That is just an unfortunate situation all around.
I just got this weird vibe from Katra, Chris was flattered but I am sure that is all it was.
I think Andy will pick Josh. However no announcement has been made for the next bachelor. It will be Josh if Andy does not pick him and if she does then it will be Chris and in that case my heart would break! :) I want Chris! LOL


I am so happy Harry is staying! I was hoping he would not leave. I really want Savi and Harry back together.
I am also happy that Savi kept the house, however I am not sure where she got all this money all of the sudden. She now has money to keep the house, by out Harry's half of the house and pay the fees for changing her mind while the house is in escrow.
I really like Scott and I was glad that Joss said Harry is like her brother and that he is just a friend and he is Savi's ex so those reasons are why she would never date him. However the look on her face when she hugged Scott after she said all that made me worry a little.
I think Daniel will leave his wife for April. She was really harsh with what she said to Karen and Karen handled that better than I expected.
I did not feel bad for Karen when she lied to Jacob and he got mad and walked out on her. She should have told him the truth at that moment. I am glad she came clean and told him the real reason she dumped him.
It was just a matter of time before Anna found out about Jacob and Karen. So now Karen has to deal with another unstable person, but I guess that comes with her job. I do not see this ending well at all, but are they really going to have some one die every season when it comes to Karen's storyline? Where does Anna live? She seems to tell different people different addresses.
It will just be a matter of time before Dom and Toni hook up and that will be the end for those two characters on the show.