Sarah silva

Great episode.
I was surprised at how hard Ruzek took Felicia's death. Somehow I think that he will take awhile to get over it and it will cause more friction with Burgess. Where was Atwater this week? Was I too mesmerized with Ruzek and missed him? I noticed everyone else.
I knew it was hickey and it was funny whe she was so embarrassed, I am glad Halstead saw that. It was obvious there was more to his brothers return. Will be interesting to see what the story is.
Yes I too wish Lindsay would tell Voight to get over it and that she and Halstead want to date.
There will be a crossover episode...there has been talk at least.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Major MerDer Trouble

So Der's got flirty again,that's not good. Mer got over confident saying the kids were happy and she was acing her surgeries. I think Der's ego needs to be adored by a resident. Also he's alone in Washington. So my heart is sinking thinking MerDer are over. IS this an exit SL for Der, I am staring to wonder. Not sure if I can bare to watch GA anymore

Lady Gaga to Headline American Horror Story Season 5

Please tell me this isn't true. Why do they keep trying to turn this show into a musical?? I can't imagine AHS without Lange. Horrible mistake.


I fell asleep.

Ronald simkins

I have to agree with you I also found myself drifting into other things. It hard to see why Crowley is putting up with Rowena - unless he is playing a long game.

American Idol: The Top 9 Take it to the 80s!

Wow, play that "I wanna Dance" which is now on iTunes for an hour and Bobbi would sit up! I sure did, and I am serious because my nephew after 8 days like Bobbi, say up, then slowly came back w/o memory, which took a while to get. Sure, he had seizures for 6-7 years, but he is back, thriving!


Arrow is now a trainwreck, one that i still watch, hoping to see it change.
This show has jumped the shark a while back, because of all the effort concentrated in making it even more of a single hero- centric show than it already was. Since many peeps joined in the "crusade", there was need to flesh their characters out & give them things to do, not just be props to Oliver's life. It should be about more about the whole team Arrow & it sad that Diggle doesn't get to be prominent in a story around his marriage & what it means for the future of the Arrow himself. I will watch the Atom spin-off, let's hope they handle that one better.

@ Hot Tea

Arrow is a total trainwreck yes, Atom spin-off NOOOOOO, enough with these dumb super hero shows.


I knew politicians were heartless douchebags the congressman really played them. Glad Reid has a shot at happiness after the loss of Maeve and Gideon the egghead deserves some form of happiness.


Again, loved it all. Blaine had the Spike look/effect ( From Buffy). It was interesting. Ravi, still winning as far as I'm concerned. Can I just say, I HATE THE ROOMATE ! Lol. At some point, like you said Lindsay, I did forget about the case of the week as Liv's life was waaayy juicier (Ewww lol). I can't wait for mooore brainsss ! Btw, them brains look like prawns ! Okay, I'm out !


OMG ! I honestly didn't expect anything from the pilot and BAM ! I was like suuuuper hooked ! Amazing. I absolutely loved it ! It's witty, smart and them jokes plus Ravi, they are killing it lol.