It was a great episode and I agree with @Kiki about the too many story lines. I'm looking forward to see who is going to help Kelly. He's been there for most of the people anyway he could but now it seems no one pays attention to him except for Herman. I know it's hard to deal with the loss of a loved one and one need time but even so, they are a family, they should look out for each other. And I wonder what Lindsey is willing to do for him. Seriously, I can't see the reason Shay had to be eliminated. I know, we need the drama but this move was not the best possible to create it. I've seen Lauren German in H50, her character was poorly written but in this shoe Shay was one of the best characters and Lauren did a great job. Why is she dead now? :(


I think Luann should be on the list. Death was prutal and the whole thing drove Otto insane and eventually to his own death.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Was There Too Much Frozen?

I like the Frozen characters and story. And the original story... Snow Queen.
Loved Anna the most I guess... so cute, felt Elsa's fear. Impressed with Pabbie.
I loved Emma in finally taking a baby step which are really huge step to not avoid Hook and know she wants this and him... but needs time. A kiss a promise.... be patient basically saying wait for me (this scene going on & after on twitter Hook and Emma was trending :) which was so cool to see)
Emma is kinda caught up in being saviour and thinking about other ppl's happiness that she is along the way neglecting hers... and Hook fights for that. He is someone who puts her first and she needs that!

Bones Round Table: Season Premiere Shocker

Hate that Sweets was killed off! What a way to kick off new season. Maybe it was staged & they are all in on it!

10 Best Supernatural Episodes

The Mystery Spot from Season 3 is definitely my #1! I always think of it everytime I hear Asia!


The father from the NV chapter "ratted" them out. I think the character's name is "Jury." He's the guy that found the shotgun that he used at the murder scene where he found his son. I think the look on Jax's face at the end was more of disgust that he couldn't continue taking apart the Chinese gang like he wanted to. I think he also knows that someone must've "ratted" him out so on top of him having to reluctantly escalate his plan against the Chinese, he must try and figure out who it the "rat." JMHO

@ Jan

You're right! I forgot about Jury and he was definitely looking for a way to take his revenge. Good catch.


Jojobobo questioned whether our society had lost its moral compass based on the number of people who rooted for Neil to get together with Adriana in a poll on Satisfaction USA's facebook page. While I like to believe that America is still the greatest nation in the world, our fellow citizens have me questioning that belief everyday. Why? Let me explain. In my opinion, Neil is the most sympathetic character and the one that is the easiest to root for, Grace is in the middle (because I still have hope for her) and Simon and Adriana are the least sympathetic because their characters are amoral and they are the only two people intentionally trying to hurt others and break up a marriage and family (which in my opinion is a very despicable thing). I don;t dislike Grace as I do Simon and Adriana because I don't think she is intentionally trying to hurt her family; its just the unfortunate result of her bad conduct. So when I see people rooting for Neil and Adriana, and Simon and Grace, what those people are telling me is that they don't mind seeing a family destroyed and a child devastated. It's a sad commentary on our society. But I have already mentioned that I'm disgusted by some of the vile that people have written on other sites (ie. one female poster wanted Neil to shoot Grace). I think that for all of our different opinions on this site, the posters are romantics at heart. I think most, if not all of us want Neil and Grace to be together at the end of the series in a healthy happy marriage because most of us have experienced a happy marriage and we want others to be able to share in the ultimate bliss that is a happy marriage. We might feel that Grace needs to suffer consequences as the result of her infidelity but we don't suggest that out of cruelty but in the simple belief that she has to suffer and feel remorse and guilt if she is ever to heal and actually be the willing partner that Neil deserves. Apparently some viewers watch the show only for its sex and tawdriness and have not gotten anything from it. I feel sorry for them. I'm happy that the show has opened a dialogue for us and that its made each of us remember that we can't take out partners/spouses for granted and that we need to work on our relationships everyday. I think that would please Sean Jablonski. I wish the writers could write a second season that has obstacles in the path of Neil and Grace (they still have to confront their secrets) without resorting to the cheap theatrics of having Grace continue her affair with Simon. After Grace learned about the depth of Neil's love for her from the Zen Master, I would be saddened by the writers if they take this cheap route in order to build the numbers. They will be risking the message of their show for pure sensationalism. Which is not to say that there shouldn't be some chemistry between Grace and Simon, because I think that it is needed as the catalyst for Neil to continue to try to grow and become the husband that Grace needs. I just think the show can be better than that and still hold our attention.

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Wow Me

I want NBC to bring Shay back. I don't care if they make it a dream or whatever, but I want her back. You don't go around killing off principal characters for ratings and expect your viewer base to stay the same. It was a stupid stupid move. The producers are just flipping nuts. Get rid of the blond bimbo "look-a-like" and get Shay back in the game. Stop killing off characters! We don't need drama TV to have the tragedy of real life. We know people die. Stop pulling at the heart strings.


Tig and Venus ! Lol

@ Ilk_vomit

Yes, what else is there to say?


I am starting to wonder if they shouldn't rename the show to Frozen Pt 2. All the promos have focused so heavily on the Frozen storyline. The icons on Google plus have changed to the "frosted" look. I believe the same happened on FB. It's just sad.