Sarah silva

There is absolutely nothing left that is likeable about Juliette. I think she is beyond postpartum depression now and there is something else going on.
Avery and Cadence deserve so much better and is much as divorce isn't great it is the best option for Avery.
I feel bad for will I really hope you signed on with Highway 65 and that Reina doesn't spend all her time and efforts on Markus.
I really hope Layla fires Jeff and signs on with Juliette's ex manager I should know his name by now but I forgot it.
I was glad to see your new side of Beverly however I knew that something was going to happen to her at the end and now Deacon is going to feel extreme guilt for not being there and I have a feeling that she is going to die.
Scarlet offices to host feelings for Gunnar and can't be professional about things and go on tour with them so she's going to pretty much ruin their career I hope that someone talk some sense into her and realizes that she needs to suck it up and go on tour.
Dr. Caleb nasty side came out and it's going to be a matter time before they break up .

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Calm Before the Storm

We know who leaked the pictures but do we know who took them?

Miranda wicker
@ Patty Cake

They were all taken from the White House security cameras in public areas within the building.

@ Miranda Wicker

Of course...thank you.


I hate 2 parters... Did I say that loud enough? I HATE 2 PARTERS! And this series is full of them. That being said, I was lining up for a bit of disappointment after the series openers, but am more than pleasantly surprised with this episode - it may even be better than what we started with! Capaldi is beyond excellent, and Colemans' Clara-on-a-death-wish isn't too annoying.
On a (down) side note, a niggle that I have held back addressing up until now... Would it kill TV Fanatic to get the Seasons vs Series stuff right? Old Who is seasons, Nu-Who is series. So this week we had Series 9 episode 3. If we are going by season then it is (about) season 35 not including movies and years where specials made up the entirety of the DW run. (I'm going off memory so I may be out on my counting!) But this is definitely NOT season 9 episode 3, as that puts us smack bang back in the 1960's with the First Doctor!

@ Alihan

Sorry, Alihan, were not going to rewrite the structure of our site code just to accommodate the way the Brits have decided to use series vs seasons. It's not going to happen. I'm still unsure how we're going to be naming the upcoming revival of The X-Files, so that will be of interest, as well. Then we'll have a new MacGuyver, and Twin Peaks and who knows how they will even be related, but I bet the world will keep spinning. ;-)

@ Carissa Pavlica

I know, but it's been bugging me for the last 10 years so I had a little vent!

Cena gomez

Here is the difference Miranda dear, Fitz can admit his flaw. Mellie cannot. She will shift the blame to others and it is never her fault. No, Fitz didn't owe her an apology. All she needs to do is sign those divorce papers.
It is ironic how Cyrus and Mellie love to call Fitz a child. But at the end of the day neither character can live, breathe, or exist without the "child" Fitz in their lives. Both are still begging the "child" to come back home. It is sad and hilarious.
Susan was way out of line. So because Fitz is President, he suppose to be a robot and not have feelings. He's a man first.
Jake is not a friend. He was hired by Rowan and that is why Olake will never happen on this show. Olivia genuinely fell in love with Fitz. He wasn't forced by her dad to become her mate like Jake was. There was nothing romantic going on and now, Olivia and Fitz are just beginning according to Kerry Washington.
It is also funny how some wanted Olitz to remain in the closet. After five seasons, it was about time the writers blew everything up. Next up...Olivia and Fitz main agenda, after the dust settle will be Mellie signing the divorce papers and she will sign. Mellie only cares about Mellie. As long as they help her become PResident, she will sign.

Miranda wicker
@ Scandalfan

And I do agree with you that Mellie cannot admit that she's a vicious monster who is mostly only out for herself. However, I DO think that even up until the point that she found out about his affair with Olivia, Mellie loved Fitz and didn't just love what Fitz provided for her, which was the opportunity to be FLOTUS. She might have been cold and distant, and she had a hand in Defiance, but I really think that was the beginning of her...descent. When she realized her husband had fallen in love with someone else, she decided to take what she could while she could. It's cold and manipulative, but it's not out of the realm of ordinary except that we're dealing with the leader of the free world and his wife.

Miranda wicker
@ Scandalfan

I don't think Susan was out of line at all. When someone becomes the President of the United States, their duty is to country first and themselves way down the line. Maybe that's a difference in how we read the actual position versus this fictional one, but yeah, she said what was on the conscience of the fictional American people. (If one of our POTUSes had a real affair and it was made public, the national reaction wouldn't be one of "here, let me take a selfie." I mean, it might for some people, but by and large, no.) I've never promoted the fact that Olivia loves Jake. Ever. She doesn't. I know that. It's clear she doesn't. But I also don't think she loves Fitz the way Fitz loves her. One of Olivia's flaws is that she keeps everyone at arm's length. Plus, I think she's terrified of what a real life with Fitz would look like. (Vermont, jam, being a soccer mom while he's a mayor...that's so not Olivia.) Maybe her saying "yes" was her acceptance of the fact that she wants that "normal" life. Maybe it wasn't. Either way, yes, I'm glad the writers went there. It'll be interesting to see what happens now that they're managing this crisis which features themselves.

Cena gomez
Scandal Round Table: Uh-Oh, Olitz!

I think the writers intentionally meant to expose Olivia and Fitz this season. They could have been discreet, but the writers wanted them to get caught. Everything will be put out on the table this season, including Olivia and Fitz relationship. I believe Fitz will get a divorce because he did make a compelling argument. His bucket list is finish, Mellie is just starting..she will sign the papers probably with the promise of Fitz helping her politically.
Jake is the most stable character? I mean he shot James and two women in the back and he also choked Olivia. People who see Jake as some kind of nice guy scare me. Do they even watch the show? Jake and Huck are killers. Trained killers, there is nothing stable about them. Geez, where do Tv fanatic find these people on the panel?
Mellie and Cyrus are only good for comic relief. Two of the biggest screw ups on the show. Fitz was right in kicking those losers to the curb.
Kerry Washington stated now that Olivia and Fitz are finally together, their relationship is just beginning. There will be bumps, but they will make it together. I predict a marriage before the season ends between Olivia and Fitz.

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3 Review: Under the Lake

I love a good two parter. Yes, it can just be padding, but it can also allow more room for the story to breathe. As fun as nuWho's default fast pace can be, sometimes it's rushed. And anticipating the next part, having to wait for gratification, is all part of the fun! Something Netflix's binge-watching fixation is demonstrably robbing people of, it seems.

@ badblokebob

I am the Number 1 hater of 2 parters, but I fully agree with you. Whether it's waiting for the next episode, or the next series, we will always find it vexing as viewers because we just want to KNOW! But the entire point is that the "getting there" is what's fun, not the end, because let's face it, the end is what we DON'T want, because then it's no more. It's a societal thing really. No one these days knows what it is to wait, to save, to be patient. We are a society based on instant gratification.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Badge! Gun!

this show reminds me of Chuck..

Grey's Anatomy Stars' Real-Life Loves

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey should get together in real life, they are perfect together, they are goals, how can someone like them two not be together, I don't believe what they were was acting, I think it was more than that!!! Please get together in real life!!!!

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13 Review: Papa's Goods

I hope Abel and Thomas do not become members of SAMCRO. Jax's sons deserve a normal live.


Was this episode HOT or what (pun absolutely intended). I was gutted when Zachary Levi's character turned out to be an antagonist. I wanted him to have powers. So when those powers started manifesting, well I was overjoyed ! Though I seriously hope he doesn't have the nuclear one like that guy from season 1... Though he looks like it.
I knew that katana looked familiar ! It's Hiro's ! But how ?
Really enjoyed this episode as well. Though I'm uncertain about that girl in the artic pole... What's her power ?
Also, why would Molly run to the Renautus ghouls when she could have left with Noah and Quentin. Don't get it. But those glasses, they're so wrong ! They totally need to destroy EPIC !