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Empire Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Lyon's Roar

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Castle Season 7 Episode 16 Review: The Wrong Stuff

watching the sneak peeks, I expected another “The Final Frontier” which I
really enjoyed in Season 5, but instead 7×16 reminded me of 6×6 “Get a Clue”,
great artwork done with the filming locations, but just too case heavy with so
much dialogue. If not a sweeps episode, I would have dropped out after 15
minutes. I kept watching the clock and waiting for the ‘family meeting’, but it
never happened in much the same way I watched the clock in 6×23 waiting for the
wedding. I can’t imagine that this story kept the audience for the whole hour.
The latest Terri Miller efforts have become more and more tedious. IMO. At some
point, she must realize that jokes are funniest when used in context and the
ongoing callbacks are becoming overdone. It presents that the characters are
changing behavior based on who is writing the story. All of the loft scenes
including the end scene just seemed ridiculous at first watch, but after
watching the episode again, it felt like TEM was using subtext to show Castle
growing up and feeling some emotional pain realizing that things have actually
changed between him, Alexis and Martha since he now has Beckett. Caskett went from feeling crowded and unable to get a moment alone in the
opening scene to all of a sudden craving noise and company which would make
sense if Castle was going through some emotional changes, but suddenly realized
that he needed the ‘alone at last’ opportunity to just relax and become part of
a crowd. However, if there was no intent by the writer to show Castle growing
up and moving forward, then the end scene made no sense in the context of the
episode or it portends that MilMar are just using the show now as a hobby until
ABC pulls the plug maybe after this season or they are just cashing in for one more
season because they know that ABC might not have anything to replace it next
year in that time slot.


I hate to say it, but there was more suspense in the "GAMING" episode than in this one. It wasn't a bad episode. No ICE-T again. Not enough Kelli Giddish(Amanda Rollins) AGAIN! I'm glad Peter Scanavino is getting more time. Not such a bad hire after all. NBC got lucky with this one. We got to see a little more ADA Barba than usual. Unfortunately, NO NEW EPISODES UNTIL MARCH 25TH! At least they're not leaving us hanging like they did for "Forgiving Rollins." More later.

RIP, The Ghost Whisperer

I think the show should return now and show what's happened over the years but having it refer to the present day


I'm just really excited to see Caity Lotz. I love that actress!

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Ashley bissette sumerel

I've been waiting to see Chyler Leigh in another series. Can't wait!

Arrow/The Flash Superhero Spinoff: Coming at The CW?!?

So does that mean Ray will no longer appear in Arrow in the future? I guess this will give maybe just maybe chance for Olicity

Ronald simkins
@ Tania

Unless they spin off Felicity in her own show!

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@ isoron

Or spin her off with Ray.

NCIS Round Table: Gibbs the Geek

I don't think that the writers really care at all what they do to Tony's character. There is no sincere interest in evolving him. They feature Gibbs and the many aspects of Gibbs's super awesomeness and tragic past nearly all the time and McGee seems to be the only other character they give much of any thought to this season. They needed a humor moment and since Tony's had his one and done this season he's already had his once a year flattery.

@ sadtonyfan

Tony is in a lose-lose situation for fans. Some want him with Ziva and find him "moving on" as horrible. Some want him to be the womanizer, SiC he was before, free from all this talk of ships on the show and focused on getting Gibbs' approval. Some think he's all humor and no substance, and others think he's become too mild-mannered. If you ask me, these last few years are the first times Tony has been allowed to grow very slowly on his own. I was a big fan of Tiva but in those last years it was about Tony supporting Ziva, struggling to get close to her and him being shut out. That became harder and harder to watch in season 10, when his purpose became all about making Ziva open up to him and looking sour and put out when she wouldn't. I don't want those days back again. He's had Cadence that was about him and his past and was a Tony episode but we had other episodes that focused on him heavily from when he met Agent Pendergast, then when he reconnected with Zoe. His interactions and mentorship with Ellie has been good to watch, there will be two episodes with his father. We've seen him in the field in the Thanksgiving episodes, the Pendergast episode, the episode when Gibbs was kidnapped by pirates, he got Gibbs and McGee out of Russia in the first episode. He's more likely to check Gibbs when he is out of line. I didn't like that he lied to Zoe but I don't see indication that this relationship is done or that this was a big thing, not from what I saw. It's a big thing that he is in what he calls a serious relationship, the very first one we've seen him in as himself, not Tony Dinardo, in the entire series. That might have been the point of mentioning Zoe in this episode. This is his first months-long, stable, non-undercover relationship in twelve years! I don't know if it will last, but he's figuring it out, making mistakes. He was afraid to tell the team about her recently. The team only knows about Zoe and Tony because she came to see Abby. If she hadn't, this relationship might still be his secret. Letting himself have something that he'd call a relationship is huge, and while it's a long time coming, I wish he would get some credit for that. I understand frustrations when Tony is used for humor, but that's not all he's been used for in this episode or for a couple of seasons. Tony will never be what he was in seasons 1 and 2, but he was much more immature then and used much more for humor than now. He was more insecure with Gibbs, more antagonistic with all of coworkers too. The writers are thinking about him. How many other characters have gotten as many flashback episodes like Tony has besides Gibbs? How many other characters have their parents come season after season? My impression is that the viewers sometimes forget what the character has gotten to do or write him off too quickly and don't see the complexity that is there.

NCIS Round Table: Gibbs the Geek

I wish Mcgee would get some love seem like this season has been ALL tony all the time.