Jones at Operation Spearhead - 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8

On 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8, Jones must convince her former colleagues of operation "Spearhead" that her mission is worth saving to get Cole back from the past.

Alan and Kyle Rescued - Helix Season 2 Episode 8
"Vade in Pace"

On Helix Season 2 Episode 8, the CDC team is picked up by the Coast Guard to deal with an outbreak on another island. Meanwhile, Brother Michael's plans for Amy move forward.

Regina Returns - Mom
"Dirty Money and a Woman Named Mike"

On Mom Season 2 Episode 16, when Regina gets out of prison, Bonnie, Christy and the gang are shocked to find out how much their friend has changed.

Accused of Murder - Elementary
"For All You Know"

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 16, with Watson's help, Holmes must retrace his steps when he is accused of murdering someone during the height of his addiction.

Mellie Photo - Scandal
"The Lawn Chair"

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 14, a tragedy in DC draws national attention, while the White House deals with their own problem... in the form of the Vice President.

Amelia on Grey's Anatomy
"The Distance"

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14 is all about Amelia. She takes on the surgery of a lifetime as a crowd of doctors look on from the gallery.

Tracking Down a Lead - Allegiance
"Tipping Point"

On Allegiance Season 1 Episode 5, just as his intergrity is being called into question at work, Alex tries to come to terms with his family's past.

Ragnar on the Hunt - Vikings Season 3 Episode 3
"Warrior's Fate"

On Vikings Season 3 Episode 3, the Wessex/Viking army attacks the Hill of the Ash to restore Kwenthrith to the throne. Harbard's arrival enchants Aslaug and Helga, but Siggy is suspicious of the mysterious man.

"The Birthday Party"

On The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3, it's Felix birthday and when Oscar realizes he's forgotten about it he pulls together a surprise party.

Things Go Wrong - black-ish
"Parental Guidance"

On black-ish Season 1 Episode 16, things don't go as planned when Dre tries to make up for his no-frills wedding to Bow with an amazing vow renewal ceremony.