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Liam and Naomi Navid and Adrianna Silver and Dixon Annie and Ethan Annie and Jasper Jen and Ryan Ryan and Kelly Annie and Liam Liam and Ivy Debbie and Harry
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I agree with the list:)
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I was saying that you guys can make up yours top ten too.

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I'm quetioning Annie and Jasper so high on the list

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Annie and Jasper? No freaking way.

1. Annie & Ethan

2. Navid & Adrianna

3. Liam & Naomi

4. Kelly & Ryan

5. Silver & Dixon

6. Dixon & Ivy


Don't like any others :)

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oops, shove in Oscar & Naomi after Kelly & Ryan :)

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@Patty, I liked Annie and Jasper and I also agree with your couples.

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In no particular order:

1. Liam and Annie

2. Navid and Adrianna

3. Silver and Dixon

4. Dixon and Ivy

5. Oscar and Naomi

6. Annie and Ethan

7. Jen and Ryan

8. Kelly and Ryan

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I like Annie and Jasper too, but I guess I was thinking more like best couples, not the most interesting, haha

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1. Silver/Dixon

2. Navid/Ade

3. Naomi/Liam

4. Dixon/Ivy

5. Teddy/Ian

6.  Annie/Ethan

7. Annie/Jasper

8. Naomi/Oscar

9. Liam/Ivy

10. Silver/Teddy


10. Ade/Teddy

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Glad to see you didn't sleep in the god-awful Catwoman costume.

Jen [to Naomi]

Dixon: No lies. Just you, and me, and half sausage, half pepperoni.
Sasha: Get lost.