Do you miss Ethan ?  

Did you like Ethan ? 


I liked Ethan, and I missed Ethan ... but then I watched the first season again, and saw how much damage he did o.O he broke up Silver and Dixon, he broke Annie, cheated on Naomi (and kissed Rhonda while dating Annie) so yeah, he just ruins everything ... I do not miss him at all :'D

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Idk... Ethan was kind of a scumbag and I don't think he had much personality. I think he had potential with Silver (who really needs to get rid of Teddy. I like him but not with her) though. Long story short... I don't care about him either way lol.

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He's sorta like Nate from Gossip Girl. He's a little plain, but he's great to look at ;)




But I do miss him!! :(


Him && Silver would have been great!!!

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I agree with Delena Baby!! I want him to come back together with Silver!

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I like Ethan! I was so sad when he left. I love him and Silver as well but I liked him with Annie the most.

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can someone tell me what ever happened to ethan? i stopped watching the show for awhile and when i started watching again he was well gone.... would really appreciate it...thanks... 


btw, the last i remember or him was when he and annie first got together ...somewhere around the san diego or palm springs trip they took ....

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he went to his dad in montana for the summer and decided to stay there.

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I really miss Ethan too! Plus he was really cute to me!_!
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i liked ethan

ethan/annie are my otp

....which is now virtually impossible

unless annie runs away to montana and sees ethan and they get married lol

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I find it silly that they even wrote out Ethan.

Every character has potential. You cannot run out of storylines for a character.

They could have done anything, but they decided to write him out.

The writers just play around. They have written out Tabitha, Ethan and now coming up is Debbie and Ryan. 

The show almost has more added cast members than original cast members.

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It's a girl!


Me jealous? It's not like she's better than me. I have to figure out that girl's flaws. For Max's sake.

Naomi [referring to Madison]
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