navid is just soooooo.... hot! if only he wasnt married my best friend chad thinks im wierd because i like a 29 year old but man he just makes my day they need to like keep him on every episode like in the back ground or sometimg cause he is just the best ever:) I LOVE HIM!!!!!!
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andrea:) you couldnt be right even more i love navid he is the cutest thing ever. like man hes hott! i love this club!!!!:)
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Navid is my fav character!! 

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OMG I love Navid too. I wondered why they make it so girls don't like though. Yeah he's a bit of a dork but that why he's so cute!
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You guys are right..i just love the way he loved adrianna...we all dream of a guy who will sweep us off our feet and david is jsut the ryt.he is sooo cute.i love indians.i really do

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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