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WOW I just want Naomi to go back to Max....How can she even consider Austin....I mean Max is sooo right for her. Austin is just so wrong. Plus she got used by Austin, right after he used Audriana...Just how gross is that?

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ITA I will ALWAYS root for Max!!! Howdy DOody can leave anytime... Max is the total package.  I can't figure out why ppl are actually hoping for a Austin/Naomi hook up, he's a jerk with a six pack

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I love Naomi with Max, but they're so highschool! It's time for Naomi to make her college years useful! Besides, their could be a side of Austin we don't know about. Teddy is a great example of how characters can change. Adrianna too!

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for a long term relationship, i'd prefer Max.. 

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