annie sucks

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i want Annie and Liam together !!!! . I see people write she lookes like a ifve year old when next to the other girls, actually she looks like she belong in high school where the other girls look like 25 and 26 year old playing high school students. it's funny how the actors that play the wilson kids look their characters ages . anyway Naomi is horrible, i hate how the writers made Annie jusat forgive and forget what Naomi did to her , if that was me i would never speak to that trash again. as for Naomi and Liam it just seem's forced all they do is have sex come on. am i suppose to buy that they are soulmates because i don't . I hope they Put Liam and Annie together , they would be good together. 

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Annie is hotter then Naomi , you seen all those bumps on her face. just because she is blonde doesnt mean she is pretty , she really is unattractive and annoying. Liam is a fool if he picks Naomi i would rather a girl like annie who is naturally nice and not superficial

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liam and naomi all the way annie is annoying to me and it would seem like she is always taking naomis left overs

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Another comment, about whoever said Annie looks like a five year old. Hold on shenae grimes is the youngest of the lot while the others are now hitting the mid twenties, shes only just gone twenty thats alot of difference too.

All Naomi does is get on everyones nerves in the show. I think shes actual pissed off every character on there.

Annie because of the ethan and liam situation.

Silver because she used to be her bestfriend then told everyone about silvers parents cheating or something like that.

Adrianna because of her being pregnant and when she was taking drugs.

Dixon- Just by living in the same house as her, he got annoyed.

Navid- by being on that team thing with him.


There's way more, she does everyones heading.

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I LOVE NAOMI AND LIAM but im really woried for them right now cos of the whole sexual harassment thing. Naomis lie is almost exactly the same as what Jen said to Mr matthews about Liam propositioning her and if Liam finds out, which im sure he will, he'll hate Naomi forever.

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yeah i think naomi and liam for def belong togeather! annie doesnt belong with jasper i hate him!!! like just his character not him in jeneral. but i love naomi and liam there like sooo... cute togeather they have alot in common:)
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a response about annie taking naomi leftovers is a lie cuz in season one if im not mistaken both dudes hollered at annie first because they were gettin tired of naomi bratty and fake ways
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At his point point I'd say neither. Liam and Annie could be interesting but they haven't had the build up yet. As for Liam and Naomi, that's what I call EPIC FAIL. They have absolutely nothing to talk about. I hate how for most of S1 Liam treated her like crap and now they're suddenly SOULMATES CUZ THEY LUH EACHOTHER.

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I love Liam and Naomi as a couple... I hate annie ..she's a hypocrite..she always with naomi's man...

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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