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It's finally back! What storylines are you guys looking forward to one 90210 tonight?

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1st: the teddy and silver relationship

2nd: some hot liam and naomi sex

3rd:dixsons mom telling off silvers aunt

stuff im not looking forword to

1st annie and jasper i hate both of them they both suck

2nd: adrianna and gia thats just stupid

3rd: ivy ughh

4th: dixson and silver i want teddy ans silver

but though it might not seem like it i love 90210 but its still not better than vampire diaries lol

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Wait so long to finally see the new episode of the series, yet I am under no idea what whatchted at last. The truth I'm anxious to see how you react to the knowledge of Teddy Dixon kiss Silver, many commentaries and also the relation of Adrianna and Gia, the return of Naomi with Liam and the things that are going to go with Annie and Jasper.

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been waiting to see naomi and liam. but geez what a disappointment. looks like they're separating this couple. and i really want to see silver and teddy. 

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am DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!! theres soooooooooooo muccccccccccchhhhhhh annie and naomi on that episode!!!! come on!!!!! i want to seeeeeeeee more IVY!!!!!!! she only have 2 scene!!!!!! how could they!!!!! but its funny the scene when naomi talks to ivy lol wtf ugly bag!!!!!!!!! hahahaha i can stop laughing at ivys reaction! 

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it was a good episode but annie and jasper are bringing a darker tone to the series
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first of all i love dixon and silver, but if you look at  all of the signs we now know that  teddy should be with  her for a  short while. except dixon already messed up  their  new relationship (if any) by lying to her about teddy. I hate to say it but their new relationship if any will be ruined because of this. If he would have told her that the girl was teddys sister silver would have got together with teddy for  a short time then most likely dixon would  date teddys sister (or some other girl to pass time). then some how teddy and silver breakup and dixon and the new girl break up and then dixon and silver get back together. but we know silver  will find out dixon lied about teddys sister and it will be  extremely tough for them to get back together (if they get back together at all) after that.

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I HATE DIXON. And Navid getting busted for drugs is overused. And Gia and Ade thing?? STUPID. And Naomi and Liam are awkward??? Whatever happened to that mexican guy that was into Naomi in the first season? Now he was sexy. But I am hopeful, I am just glad there are new episodes :)

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Curly G

It's a pity that Dixon lying to Silver but i think that in the end they'll be together. 

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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