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okay, hello for 90210 fans. this is my first post in here. i don't watch 90210, well i watched a couple episodes of season 1, so i know a bit about this show. i like this show, i keep reading their news and all so i know what happened to this show. so i wanna ask a thing that i don't know and i hope any of you answer it.

here's my question:

1. why/what reason did Ethan left the show?

2. what happened to Annie & Silver? aren't they like BESTfriend? and now silver hanging out with Naomi (which i hate her).

3. do Annie and Liam have a chance to be a couple? (i ask this because they'd really be a hot couple but they didn't happen till now so i thought there's something that made them can't happen)


thanks for answering. ciao.  ;)

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Ethan left because he had feelings for Siver and decided to stay with his dad aftera summer vist- the actor  was let go cause they didn't think they could do more with the character. Annie and Silver aren't friends because Annie isolated herself after her hit and run and in the sext, Silver took Naomi's side and immedetyyl forgave Naomi. Annie and Liam are and are supposed to be just good friends according to ms. Grimes.

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okay, thanks.

but after i saw the season finale, i think they could be a couple (Lannie)

you know, the last part when they hug? it's so obvious that they're thinking "ugh... no kiss?".

they'd be a SUPER cute&hot couple IMO.

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