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Annie is the worst character on the show, she is like 90210's Vanessa. I feel like punching her in the face. Even though in the finale she didn't do anything with Liam, she will in season 3.. I hate her!

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I likeee annie and him and nothing happened did it so she's doing nothing wrong!! And also ethan are u fricking kidding me he cheated on her all the time, in the first episode! For Christ sake and Naomi shouldn't been such a bitch to her for not doing anything with him all aeries! And can't blame him for going off hers she's selfish however I do think the rape thing is disgusting, especially when he was like your the girl that cried wolf ewwwwwww I hope he didn't actually rape her as we don't seee it!
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this looks exactly like season 3 final in dawsons creek with pacey & joey. what a rip off!!! even annies red dress is a take on her red top.. yawn!! seen it all b4...

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Ok, so I can agree with all you Liam/Naomi fans. They did work so hard to put them back together. However, saying this is Annie's fault... no offense to Naomi, but she's a bitch. She made Annie, who was innocent, a social outcast, sent a naked text of her, and pretty much ruined her to the point of being blackmailed by Jasper. So To be fair to Annie, Naomi, wasn't being much of a friend to her throughout the whole season, why should Annie be a friend to Naomi now? Would you be friends with someone who sent a naked picture of you around... that you didn't even k now existed..... yeah Naomi was pretty cold.


As for Liam and Annie, I think they work together. I used to be a huge Liomi fan, i rooted for them until she started to lie, and not care about him. She almost ruined a man's career, and caused Liam to distrust her. So all of it was pretty much her own fault. She was the one that fucked over Annie big time, and then she started not caring about what was happening in Liam's life... (ok, his father coming back isn't as big as Jen coming back but still pretty huge moment in your life)


As for Naomi now.. im very sad to see what happened to her with Cannon, very very sad. She may not deserve to have a relationship with Liam or a friendship with Annie after everything she did... but she does not deserve what happened to her. I hope the writer's don't fuck this story line up like they did the hit and run.

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i think that liam should not get together with naomi all she thinks of is herself he is better off with annie they look so cute together and please make annie and liam get together

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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