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I was wondering if anyone can clarify the storyline of Silver having a child. I thought the reason she wanted to have a child by herself at a young age was that she wanted to get the preventive cancer treatment as soon as possible and might not be able to get pregnant afterwards. She said several times that she wouldn't be having a baby at the age of 20 if it weren't for that. So why is she having a baby through a surrogate now? She could do that after her treatment too..It makes no sense to me!Besides that, I'm wondering what's going on with her bipolar disorder storyline. It annoys me that the makers shook that off so easily. A serious mental disorder will not vanish completely when someone's taking pills, like it did with Silver. Why did that NEVER even come up in her decision to have a baby? I don't think you're even allowed to be on medication like that when you're pregnant. Kind of weak how they dealt with that whole storyline, which had the potential to be good. 

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Take five? That's like actual recording studio talk.

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