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Yes, I didn't put a ? mark in the tittle because I was going to tell you what I think is wrong with her character. First off the bipolar disorder, well I don't mind it, everyone has a sickness of their own to deal with, sometimes mental or physical. Second there is how she changed so much between the Season 1 and 2 switch up, she became more girly, and cut her hair, now she just looks like one of Naomi's sidekicks. In Season 1 she was such a tough cookie, and I liked that about her, and the fact that her and Dixon were inpenetrateble(not sure if spelt right, and just heads up my name is sixonfanatic just because I loved and will still go on loving the idea of Dixon and Silver being together, which might not happen in the near future). Third, why is she always going out with friends from the inner circle of the main group(Dixon, Annie, Navid, Ade, Naomi, Liam, Ivy, Teddy). I'm still in Season 3, but I know she has already dated Dixon and Teddy, then I hear she goes ahead and dates Navid by the end of 3rd season and the beginning of the 4th, I just call that slut material. I love the gall but seriously, she needs to find boys outside the friendship circle, otherwise, she will just hurt her ex's feelings, and become socialy awkward for the whole group, except Teddy, who became gay. As I said I love Silver, but the writers are ruining her character, I like Dixon's character though, he starts experimenting with drugs and becomes addicted or something, and that's kinda kick ass, considering he never did anything wild in his life. And people say that Dixon was ruined after Season 1, well ofcourse, he ain't with Silver now is he. Yes I sense some jerk vibe coming out of him, but hey, let the man do w.e, he's been the nice guy for too long, and I saw this comment by another TV-fanatic member, saying that Dixon is looking for the up-most of trust in a relationship, which is a bit needy and goes on to say that Dixon himself is not trust-able to his partner, which I see at some point, but he always mends over it and fixes it later. The character has evolved so much and I believe its going great. Anyway, I will finish this with the following, a request to a writer if they read these forums, to fix Silver's character and not to ruin Dixon's, and maybe my fanatic dream will come true, and they will get back together, but hey, that's just me speaking, collaborate in any way you wish.

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