I am so disappointed with this show... The first two seasons were good but after that all of the cast members are so annoying... They are not likable and relatable. There is nothing going on that is interesting, no drama, no struggle!

Dixon is boring

Annie is too nice and boring

Silver acts like she has a stick up her ass

Teddy is gay...okay anything else going on with him besides that?

Raj needs to show up more in the show because him dying could be interesting and sad to watch

Liam is the only interesting one that has something going on.

Navid is boring

Naomi needs to change because her character is getting old.

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I actually think season four is by far the best season. I actually think the show is getting better each season after the next.I will agree that Icy and Raj's storyline needs to progress further, Navid needs to leave, as no matter how much drama goes on, he'll always be boring and Silver needs to pull the stick out her ass, but other than that, I love everyone else and everything. HOWEVER, the one thing that bothers me is how Naomi ONLY had $2 Million trust fund and she's managed to spend WELL over $2 million as the show has progressed on. HOW much money exactly does she have?

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Hahaha I've been thinking about that too. Naomi got 1 million when she was 16. Jen (Naomi's sister) got her trust fund when she was 21 and it was 1 Million Dollar. Looks like the writers don't know that a girl that lives a life like Naomi's would be broke already.

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Oh my god I'm so happy some people think this show is going down...For I don't know what reason I stopped watching it 3 weeks ago...And I haven't have the temptation to even get a update of what's happening...Sometimes I stop watching shows because of the way they change a particular character of if they killed one of my favorite character or if they match it up with someone I don't like but this time I have no reason to stop watching it...It's just...not interesting anymore

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hm i just started watching season 4 yesterday and i must say it's not all too bad. austin makes the show worth watching lmao but i find the shirazi storyline super boring.

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Presumably Naomi (or her investment agent) invests her money.

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my friend from scotland is totally obsessed with this show, & I was watching some episodes of the first seaosn & it wa sokay, but not good enough. When I started watching again, it even felt worse than ever .. I can't see anything interesting about this show. It is more like a 08/15 soap opera..

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they have seriously gone downhill before it was so nervous with the cliffhangers now its boring they need scandal what made this show good was the scandal like the adrianna and silver one was excellent made me soo excited and nervous for her they really need another one like that

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I liked the first two seasons, it was just horrible after that. The only reason I watch it is because I have a site about it :p 

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I also don't like this show so much..I watched some of the episodes of this show when it was started..I am really happy with it..but now it is not going so much better..But you can enjoy all the seasons and the episodes of the Power ranger from the following link..Really nice show..

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
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