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I liked Silver in the first season, she was a computer nerd and not afraid to stand out but in seasons 2 and 3 She's just really stuck up and arrogant. And she barely touches computers anymore. Does anyone else feel the same?

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I agree...

I only liked her when she was dating Dixon. They were soooo cute together

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ita with you maheshfunky

the writers have character assassinated her

i really don't like her now

i miss s1 silver.

i miss s1 in general

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she's such an hyprocrite! I remember back in season 1 she totally hated girls like Adrianna and Naomi, but she became one of them! 

And also I really really love Silver with Dixon!! I mean, Navid???? WTH!!!

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Yeah her and Dixon were cute together but her and Teddy made a good couple too but obviously thats not going to happen now. and I liked her personality in season 1 and a bit of season 2 but she evolved into this more mature person now...

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she used to be so edgy and funny - honestly different. she was less boring more fun and just quirky. seassonnn 1 silver for the win :) 

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