Let's make a guessing game.

If Season 4 is as rubbish as season 3, then we all know it's gonna happen sooner rather than later - when will the CW drop the show?

Judging from the fact that next season they won't be in LA anymore, at least most of them, and that main characters aren't returning as regulars (Teddy, maybe Ivy,... also the grown ups!) I'm pretty sure the show will be chopped off the menu after season 5. TOPS!

whatcha think?

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Here are a few factors to consider when determining whether or not 90210 will be canceled:

1) How much longer will the CW itself last? Now that Smallville's over, its only popular show remaining is The Vampire Diaries. But even its ratings have been declining as of late. Is the CW even making any profit with its mostly low-rated shows?

2) Will shows like The Secret Circle, Ringer, and Hart of Dixie be successful?

3) Will 2011-2012 be the last season for Nikita, Supernatural and Gossip Girl? And what will their ratings be like when compared to 90210?  

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that's very true. the cw as a channel is not really successful and the ratings are extremely low for all shows in comparison to the other channels.

lol i don't even live in america and how do i know this..

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Without the risk of sounding like I have no life, I have to say that I hope they keep this show on the air. It's very rare to see dramas anymore that are aimed towards teens and young adults. We only have shows like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (which is in it's final season). I used to watch The O.C. before that show was canceled. I know there are other shows focused on teens/young adults like Secret Life of an American Teenager (or something like that), but to actually find a drama worth watching these days is hard. They cancel too many shows these days without either wrapping them up all the storylines or finishing it with a cliffhanger, because shows are not warned when they're being dropped. I hope 90210 stays on air till at least it's seventh/eigth season. I know it's a stretch, but I'd like to at least see the cast gradute from college or at least see how they've developed in 5 years from now.

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Hopefuly they won't.

But, one thing to consider about teen dramas is that given that the schools and storylines are usually centered on the fact that they all go to the same high school, when the show jumps to college, it can either go to very specific ways: the awesome, and the so bad.

Let's take one example, Gossip Girl. GG, on its first two seasons was an extreme sensation, while the characters were still in high school. As they made their way into season three and most characters started college, the quality of the show, as well as the ratings really dropped. The reasons I feel like made this decline are the following:

1-) It's much harder to keep the characters linked. When the characters were in High School, they would see each other every day (let alone summers and holidays in some cases) because hey were all going to the same place. When the characters are in college, it's much more tough to keep a link between them, it's difficult to come up with storylines as to how one character who goes to school A and interns at X has a connection with another character who goes to school B and interns at Y.

Okay, they could actually end that by having every character go to the same university (as Gossip Girl is doing in season four. Serena, Nate and Blair - three ot of the main six characters go to school together), but that would seriously make the show extremely unreal. What are the odds of some university acceoting the entire Senior Class of the same school?

2-) After the characters adapt to college-life, what other storyline can there be? Once you put the characters in college, they will be getting used to college-life. And when they do? What takes center stage in the show?

I'm probably very wrong, but I think that once the characters have adapted, you can give them basically and generally speaking, two types of storylines: career stories and romantic stories...

A career story is very often uninteresting and difficult to hold viewers, unless the show manages it with either too much drama or too much comedy, or links the other storylines with that story (like 90 did with Ade's singing/stealing career, keeping drama, comedy and wraping it up with Navid's storyline).

3-) Not all characters are gonna be there.

Okay...In that list I feel like I originally had something to say, but it died out, so yeah...

Anyways, once a show takes its high schoolers to college, the main difficulty they'll encounter is keeping the characters together and giving them storylines that interact with each other and are entretaining.

However, I feel like 90210 has been doing good as a show, overall, and I'd like to see how they handle it on season 4 - hopefuly better than Gossip Girl's 3rd season.

And then there is the thing you have mentioned - How long can the CW last?

Huh...From what I understand it's extremely low rated, and now that Smallvile and Supernatural are gone and the ratings for Vampire Diaries are dropping (as well as for Gossip Girl and a little bit for 90210 and Nikita), they're counting on two things: either the new shows being great or the new seasons being great.

If the new shows and seasons get good ratings, the CW may survive, but if they continue how they are, I'm not even sure the network is actually making any profit from their shows...

And if they don't make profit, 90, GG and Nikita will all be gone.

However, that is not my wish.

I have given up on Gossip for good, but I still watch 90210 and Nikita and would like to see how the show does.


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i dont wana liam without annie:(

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that's a good question! I followed a little the raitings this year because i was scared that they would cancel it this year! But at the end I think it had better raitings than GG!

It deservs a season 5! So they can conclude the story on a right way, not o jump head over it! I doesn't like when a show doesn't have a proper closuer!


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yeah 90210 had better ratings than Gossip Girl last season. however i think most of the GG fanbase watch downloaded episodes, rather than watching it on TV. not sure about the 90210 fandom.

tho i do want 90210 to have a season 5.

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I think it all depends on this season whether they drop it or not. But I really want this show to end already...eventually.

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I hope they making a season 5! I like the show and it's getting better with every season I think...

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