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Silver and Dixon everyone. I'm telling you, they're end-game type couple. Even though the show may not make it seem so, it looks pretty good. Silver is no longer having Teddy's baby, and I think Adrianna will do something to blow Megan off, thus piss off Dixon and Ade will end up doing some world tour or something. Dixon is stressed out, goes to a club where Naomi takes Silver out to have fun with, due to her marrige councelor saying so. They get drunk, because of their current state of depression. They hook up, Silver finds out she's pregnant, old sparks ignite. ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER, WELCOME FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME MR AND MRS WILSON-SILVER. WAAAAAAAH. GAME OVER! Make this happen

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I'm never apologizing for who I am.


I'm pregnant. And it's your baby.

Adrianna [to Ty]
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