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Despite Adrianna being horrible this season, I don't want her to die. I think an attempt is fine but not actual death. 

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I don't want her to die, because she has really become one of those characters you love to hate. However, I think a suicide attempt would make an interesting story, and Adrianna definitely deserves whatever is coming. But I think the character has reached a point beyond redemption, so I don't think it would be realistic to turn her back to nice Adrianna after her attempt to kill herself.

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Well the writers have as usual dug themselfs into a hole and pretty much screwed up Adrianna's Character, I think after everything she's been through She should be a lot wiser and instead she became a steryotype, and She cant go to college she dropped out of school so she will be like Serena in S4. All over the place.

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i'd hate to see her kill herself. she's my favorite female character. but really, what other plots can the writers build around her? she's been through some of the biggest highs and lows on the show - drugs, pregnancy, fame.

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I'd really like to see a storyline involving Adrianna's father. Maybe I'm just devil's advocate when it comes to making excuses for Adrianna, but a part of me thinks that his absence in her life is the main reason why she's such a screwed up person.

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maybe she attempts suicide. but i definitely hope she doesn't die

despite the fact that's she a bitch right now,

i actually liked her

and i hope the writers bring the early s2 adrianna back :D

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