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I think the writers should invite Dustin Milligan back to the show to play the character Ethan again for the college years. They're removing two main characters at the end of season 3. This will allow room for more people and bringing the cast up to an even 10 - 5 buys & 5 girls. They could try Silver and Ethan OR try and give Naomi and Ethan another chance again to see what happens now that they're both older and more mature.

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I'm missing Ethan! I started to watch the whole show again and Ethan was a very big part of season 1! He left after kissing Silver what was a big suprise! I mean both things he leaving and kissing! It would be great  for him to return to CU! What for a suprise!

He was one of them who really evolved during one season and his storyline had a lot potential!

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i miss Ethan sfm. Ethannie are my otp along with Liomi. i also really liked his character, except his storyline with Rhonda. that was stupid.

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I agree. Ethan should totally come back.

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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