How long can they drag the baby story...

It might be possible that Blair has the baby, but then Dan steals it and gives it to an adoption agency because he loves Blair quite a lot and can't stand the sight of the results of her love with another man.  Chuck might adopt the baby after Dan puts it up for adoption and secretly raise it because he too is in love with Blair and since the baby is a product of Blair he naturally will want to obtain it for himself.  If it's a boy and Chuck adopts it, it will most likely develop a strong interest in custom suits from Savile Row.  Or, they might have filmed a scene where Blair falls down a flight of stairs beside Rouge Tomate near Barneys on Madison and have a miscarriage.  All are equal possibilities.

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Dare to Dair?

OH.  MY.  GOD.  Sheer perfection.  I registered on this forum just because tonight's episode was so amazing.  Blair needs to wake up and realize Dan is the true one for her!

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