Dancing Derek


I know this is going to be really off topic, but I was browsing around on SpoilerTv looking for some Grey's news, and it said that there was new exclusive content.

I haven't been a member of that site for very long, so I'm not legible for looking at exclusive content.

I was wondering if anyone else has seen what it's all about.

It's driving me crazy knowing that there's spoilers out there that I can't read or get ahold of.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes, I am also dressing up as Meredith, I got the light blue scrubs, and my best friend is a dental assistant, so I am borrowing her lab coat, and I bought an I.D. at Staples, and I have a stethoscope already. Oh, and then I went to FedEx and printed out a life-size copy of Derek. Tee Hee.

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