Who Said That ?!

Awe I know. Possibly one of TRK's best performances.

Derek Shepherd to then Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, Season 2 Begin the Begin


"Because he's dirty Uncle Sal; he's dirty Uncle Sal. The one who embarrasses everyone at family reunions and who can't be left alone with teenage girls but you invite him to the picnic anyway..."

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Who Said That ?!

Meredith Grey to Cristina Yang - Season 7, Golden Hour


"He didn't know any better!! He didn't know any better... you knew better."

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Almost Grown (Episodes)

So I just noticed today, after watching this episode again on Hulu, that when the episode is about to close and there's a close-up on Derek when Owen is awarded the $1 million, Derek's lab coat still says "Chief of Surgery".

Wardrobe malfunction?

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Who Said That ?!

Mark Sloan to Callie Torres - Season 7, Don't Deceive Me


"What? No. You take your shirt off."

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Will Lauren leave New Directions?

Dude! I love Lauren Zizes. She's awesome: anyone that can say, "you best come correct cause I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S" and deliver it so well is effen golden!

I think she's a good addition and should stay even if Kurt does come back to ND.

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Which Glee covers do you enjoy more than the original?

"Teenage Dream" - Darren Criss and the Warblers

"Bills, Bills, Bills" - Darren Criss and the Warblers

"Hello" - Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff

"Poker Face" - Lea Michele and Idina Menzel

"Defying Gravity" - Lea Michele and Chris Colfer

"Like a Virgin" - Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, Jayma Mays, Matthew Morrison, Jonathan Groff, and Naya Rivera

"It's My Life/Confessions" mash-up - Cory Montieth, Kevin McHale, Harry Shum Jr., Mark Salling, and Chris Colfer

"Fireworks" - Lea Michele

"Me Against the Music" - Heather Morris and Naya Rivera

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Does anyone else wish Nate had a proper storyline?

LOL.. I was all... "uh.. who's Nate?"

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And regarding Rachel's moral compass vs Kurt's: everyone is equally flawed. Remember when Kurt was all in-pursuit of Finn? I mean, yes Finn was way out of line, but seriously Kurt? He should have known better.

But then again, that's the whole point: the Glee kids have monster adult talent but are far from it. Finn is likeable hero-leader one minute, and cheating hypocritcal jerk the next. Rachel is the best thing there is, and the next, she's trying to lead Sunshine into a dark and crime-ridden neighborhood. Quinn is on Cheerios, she's off Cherios, she's back on. Even Artie had his moments of moral ambiguity. Look at Will: seriously? He's back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

So all in all, Rachel is just as human as everyone else on Glee and just as backstabbing as everyone else on Glee. They're all flawed. They're all angels and they're all monsters.

They're hormone-driven teenagers: should we not expect anything less?

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I just think that, as diva as Rachel claims herself to be, she always needs to be defined by a man. Mercedes put it best when they were in the room during a sleepover about being single to harness that loneliness and put it into their craft. Rachel just needs to stand alone and define herself first before letting another man into her life.

Honestly? As shady as he was, I thought Jesse was a good match for Rachel. Both were driven by music, both were clearly talented, and musically, they complimented each other. Hopefully, as Brittany puts it, Will Shue's "son" returns sometime in Season 2.

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Dr. Arizona Robbins !


I don't think it's that weird that Arizona has commentaries on men's appearances. I doubt it has any sexual connotation towards it. It's fact: Mark Sloan and Jackson Avery are pretty. Just because she's a lesbian doesn't mean she can't tell that a man is aesthetically pleasing. And in regards to Karev, I think she means looking at Karev in a way a teacher looks at a student: seeing Karev evolve, advocate for his patients, and pretty much be the ass with heart.

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