The Inconsistency of characters


The writing is inconsistent. Heroes is a GREAT example. I loved season 1: its premise, its pacing, its ability to draw you in week after week. Then season 2 was a disappointment and after all that hype in season 3 only to be a underwhelming let down [the big battle between good and evil lasted 2 seconds, lack of payoff much?] and by season 4 I wanted it to be canceled.

Hopefully, Glee doesn't suffer the same fate. I think Glee does a really strong one-off episode, where it's a vinette as opposed to an overall storyline throughout the season and the series thus far. I mean, any Burt and Kurt scene breaks my heart: those two can act the shit out of any scene they do together.

I just hope RM gets his house in order cause while he can pull off a good show, he certainly has difficulty maintaining continunity.

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The Inconsistency of characters

I think it just shows how fickle teenagers really are. Yes, at times, Finn has shown to be admirable, loyal, and posessing that of leadership qualities, but Finn, as stoic as he can be as times, isn't immune to the follies of fame and glamor and all the vices one has as a teenager.

Finn is flawed. Quinn brought up his hypocrisy when they exchanged mono on the stage. Finn has always been fickle, which is quite consistent with his character. One moment he's the leader, and the other he's unlikable. The thing about him is that he does something redeemable at the end.

Condemnable: His rejection of Kurt and the constant use of "faggy".Redeemable: The ushering of "Furt"

Condemnable: Preventing Sam to play QB just to maintain his 'leader' roleRedeemable: Realizing that one doesn't have to play the role of leader to actually be one, ie convince Quinn Brit and Santana see the importance of Glee over Sue's craven ambition

And Finn certainly isn't the only one that falls from grace. Look at Will and Rachel and Quinn.

The whole back and forth flip-flop: possibly the only consistent thing on Glee.

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Dr. Arizona Robbins !

Maybe Peter MacNichol was only slated to do three-episodes. His character would probably be gone by now since 7 months have already passed as of PYT from when the clincial trial started like 2 or 3 episodes before that.

Perhaps Arizona is back to being the chief of peds surgery. Time on Grey's is moving faster now that, it seems, Shonda wants each season to be equivalent to a year passing in-canon.

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Almost Grown (Episodes)

Lexie: "You totally sounded like an attending."

Mer: "I know, right?"

Best moment ever.

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P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Episodes)

So Fields and Karev go at it on a patient this episode? Should be interesting. I dont' know what patient they'd fight about considering Alex's patients would be peds patients and Fields' patients would be preg-o mothers or fetuses or in-utero babies...

Can't wait.

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Who do you think will win Chief Resident?

It's going to be one of these three: Alex, Mer, or Cristina. All three of them have factors to be the next Chief Resident, and all of them equally have factors that could go against them. Not one of them is a clear stand-out since Webber is looking at the overall four-years. Although he's seen April and Jackson almost 2 years, I don't think that Webber will give Chief Resident to one of them.

Alex seems to be front-runner, given that he had an excellent review with the med student, and was excelling in peds surgery, especially with Stark as interim-chief of peds surg, (remember the ping pong ball?), and although he, in one case, prioritized the needs of the patients over his own personal gain, he requires ulterior motives. Let's face it, had Alex been assigned a different med student (not Ash from Greek), I doubt he would have been as accomodating to teach.

Cristina is the best resident of her class. Let's not forget in her 2nd year, she was unanimously voted to have the first solo surgery. Had it not been for the intern drama, she would have. Also, in terms of skill and technique, learning 4th-5th year procedures when she was an intern, she clearly surpasses Alex and Mer. Despite her breakdown, Cristina is back. And her breakdown shouldn't be counted against her: she performed an aortic repair at gunpoint. The fact that she's back and can perform a first assist on a CABG shows resilience. However, she too suffers from putting her own personal gain ahead of anything else. Remember her med student review? It written in spite; Warren (from Buffy) would've had a better review had he written it after his talk with Cristina.

Mer is dark and twisty, but as her husband so eloquently put it, it's not a flaw: it's a strength. During the med student review, her med student was a ditz anyway. Yes Mer has personal problems, but seriously? Who doesn't in that hopsital have personal problems? Shepherd with depression, Webber with his drinking, Sloan with his whoring, Bailey with her divorce, and etc. personal problems happnen, and yes they bleed into their professional lives. It's unideal, but it happens. Mer has grown into that mother-hen role: remember when the whole Pierce/Steve/Megan drama? She took on the Bailey-role. She helped Alex instead of watching him struggle with the trial. She went into attending-mode when Lexie's case began to crash and she went neuro-solo.

So... all three have a good chance at getting it. Though, considering the Chief is a big fan of the underdog, he just might pick Karev.

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Surgical Specialties

So now that we're in season 7, let's see where our residents are at:

Mer: she's doing a lot more neurosurgical cases, so perhaps she'll elect neuro, though a part of me still believes she'll remain in gen surg.

Cristina: Not much has changed - still gearing for cardio, and with (finally) a cardio attending willing to teach and push her, not to mention going cardio-solo, Cristina's on her way.

Alex: Plastics is definitely out. Addie definitely brought this out in Alex, and with Arizona teaching him and Alex realizing that peds surg is elite, I think Alex has found his calling.

Lexie: Even though, as of now, she's a 3rd year, I think she'll still go into plastics. She's been saying it since ever, though with the drama that's going in with her and Mark, perhaps this will deter her?

April: Spunky little Kepner is all about neuro, though after taking Hunt's certification course, he sees a future trauma surgeon in her. Question is... does she?

Jackson: He's a hard one to pin down. He's enamored by Yang, and has been competing with her for cardio cases, but, does that really mean he wants to be a CT-surgeon?

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Dr. Arizona Robbins !

I love Arizona. Ever since they introduced her in Season 5 as the new chief of peds surgery to replace Kenley, her spunk, her moments with Bailey, Arizona seemed to be a new fresh air in Grey's Anatomy cast.

I'm glad that Shonda promoted the character to be a mainstay. My favorite moment that reaffirmed how awesome of a character Arizona is when she spoke to Carlos Torres about Callie. That speech about "being a good man in the storm" was just poignant.

And of course, my favorite one-liners from her:

"Hardcore right? .... Welcome to peds"

"Body-check him Karev!"

I wonder when Stark and her will go at it again; even though he's only serving as the interim chief of peds surgery, he's still her boss. I wonder if he's going to get her back from stealing that patient from him.

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Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) (Episodes)

I like the new OBGYN-attending. I wish they would've let her keep her Aussie accent like she had in Transformers. I think she'll add spice. Would like her to be on a recurring basis since Shonda put the kobosh on adding anymore actors to the principal cast.

Overall, I liked this episode alot: it reminded a lot of Grey's heydey in Season 2. Good writing, excellent flow, good mix of drama/comedy especially with Cristina and Jackson. It was good seeing the residents, at least the 4th years, going after their desired specialities: Alex with peds, Mer with neuro, Jackson and Cristina with cardio.

Hope the writing continues to be as good!

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How did derek find out about his nickname Mcdreamy?

It was never revealed on-camera that Derek himself found out about his nickname; from the episode it was established, Derek already knew. During "Into You Like a Train" in season 2 when Izzie was on Addie's service, she asks what do 'they' call him, and Izzie tells her 'McDreamy'. Addie responds that must embarrass him, and Izzie replies, "it does".

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