Hoes Over Bros!

Seeing Stefan become a modern day grim reaper is what I'm most excited for in season 3, but I do wonder how his sacrifice will affect Delena. Damon obviously loves her very much, and I think Elena is going to come to terms with what she feels for Damon (especially now that Stefan's not around!) but will either of them act on it?

Elena claimed it will always be Stefan, would she be comfortable with Damon while Stefan is being forced to become a killer? And as for Damon, he's started out as a guy who would be happy to steal Elena away, but then he realized his brother deserved her (and made her forget his own love) and now that Stefan has sacrificed everything for Damon, will Damon feel guilt if he acts on his feelings for Elena?

So excited for season 3!

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Dan and Serena need to come back

If there were ever any doubts about the amount of support D/S still received, the sheer length of this thread should shut up any naysayers.

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They're baaaaaaack! (Spoilers)

Do you guy's hear that? Is that...the Jaws theme song? Lol, at least, that's what I think of when I hear Jack's coming back. Still, he always caused some good drama and I think it'll be a catalyst for a good Chuck & Blair storyline. As for the good Doctor, I really couldn't care less. His return means we have to put up with whiny, Daddy issue laden Serena, who has stunningly worse judgement than the normal one (if that's even possible...).

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Damon or Stefan? Who and why?

Honestly, I couldn't care less who ends up with Elena, I just want both to end up happy. Damon's...well, he's Damon, how can you not love him? And I've never found Stefan boring, just the only sane one who's trying to keep everybody alive (that would make anybody as serious as he is), and especially in season 2 he's gotten more badass. So I'd like to see them repair their brotherly relationship Because together they are AMAZING and honestly, I don't think I could choose between them. Any chance I can have both? Maybe for Christmas? I've been good! ;)

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Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Season 4)

So let's see, it looks like the NJBC are going to have the opportunity to take down Juliet, Jenny AND Vanessa at the same time? Cannot wait!

I was a huge fan of this episode, seeing the NJBC back to their full glory, protecting each other and taking down Juliet was just so heartwarming. Although I'm glad Juliet's not gone yet, I'm still waiting to see why the hell she hates Serena in the first place. And Chair is...Chair. I wouldn't changed their screwed up albeit lovable relationship for the world.

And I'm torn between my favourite quotes for this episode; it's either Dorota's "KGB can't make me talk, Chuck Bass doesn't stand a chance" or Dean Ruther's perfectly delivered "Who are you?" to Vanessa, probably voicing the opinon of many fans.

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4x08 Canadian Promo (Spoilers)

@Soo Yes. Yes they are. I completely agree with krazy4GG, we had one season of old married couple Chair and whined like children about it, I believe the writers are now attempting to rectify this. I personally have absolutely no problem with this turn of events, you're right, they're ridiculous, but to me they're somehow epic at the same time. They're Chuck and Blair. This is what they do.

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"Chuck Bass can't die," Connor Paolo

   They could not kill Chuck Bass, the writers aren't that stupid. He'll be back, but I really want to see how they tie in this new girlfriend and 'identity'.

   What do you think they mean by that? Will he just have a new outlook on life from being shot at or will he actually be a different person because of amnesia or something of the like?

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Definitely agree with CBfan. Ed and his acting are the only things that make some scenes slightly bearable. I feel sorry for the guy, having to act some of those half-assed scripts

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I guess that means Eric is Gossip Girl... (Spoilers)

Did she actually say that? Lying bitch...

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Last Tango, Then Paris [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

  I really hope the writers aren't surprised when the ratings of the season 4 premier suck. If (and that's a big if) by some divine intervention the writers stop drinking during their weekly meetings and the show recovers, it's going to be a while before the viewers who now hate the show hear good things and start watching again. And even then, we'll be holding our breaths, waiting for them to eff it up somehow.

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