Stelena & Delena Destructive unhealthy relationships!

With all Elena's been through, you'd think they could build a her recovering storyline.


She lost her entire family (except her brother) within one year. Yet Elena is just fine. Why can't they build up a storyline off her trying to deal with THAT. 



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Delena- When the hell is it gonna happen?

I agree that Delena, if teased more, will drive me crazy. I get they're trying to stretch it out but please. Elena and Damon made out all the time in the books (yes, while she was still with Stefan). Just because they kiss once in the show doesn't mean they're a couple.


In fact, I don't think I want them to be. They would probably be too bland, but my mind can be changed easily. Especially since I don't think Damon can make anything seem bland in terms of his character 

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new spoilers guys (Spoilers)

Ohmygod this marriage isn't actually happening is it? Are the writers, I'm too shocked to say this, team BLOUIS? 

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