Derek's Screen Time

Why is it that everybody is freaked out about Derek screen time. He is not the only with little screentime, and he had lot of screen time the first half of the season.

If people would pay attention to the story more rather than whether or not their favorite character is getting enough screentime, they would realize that Shonda and the writers are exploring Meredith's desire to become a mother, just like the writers explored Derek's desire to be Chief last season.

The only problem is that both Derek's storyline in season 6 and Meredith storyline this season is that they lacks depth. But otherwise Derek little screen time has to do with the fact that his function  ths season is to support Meredith with her struggle to get a baby, just like last season Meredith got little screentime because her funciton was to support Derek in his new job at the time.

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Who do you think will win Chief Resident?

After last episode I doubt that Meredith will end up being Chief Resident, she choose to do the Alzhimer's  trial over her mother's trial which would've given her tremedous advantange in the Chief resident race. Not only she would've had the Chief ear completely, she would gain tremedous professional prestige with it even more than the Alzhimers's trial.

If Meredith does get the chief residency, I think she is going to turn it down. I think Meredith want to be a mommy and work with Derek on the Alzhimer's trial more than being chief resident.

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Anyone else pissed off that Derek picks Alex over Meredith for the clinical trial?

Again it will be difficult whether Derek works with Meredith on the trial or not. The clinical trial is personal, each patient will remind him of what could be Meredith's fate, whether she is working with him or not.

KMK said it that on the next episode, Derek has a difficult time working on the clinical trial because it is too personal and too close to home. Meredith is not working with him on the next episode, Alex is the one working with him. So Meredith working on the clinical trial or not won't change Derek having a emotional difficult time working on it. 

In order for him not to have emotional difficulty working on the trial Derek needs ot reasses his reasons for working on it. His reasons can not be about his fears of Meredith getting Alzhiemer's. It has to be about finding a cure for thousands of people who suffer from the disease.  Meredith developing Alzhimer's or not developing Alzheimer's should be an irrelevant reason for the trial.

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Anyone else pissed off that Derek picks Alex over Meredith for the clinical trial?

I am pissed off, because Derek doesn't explain to Meredith why he is not picking her to work with in the Clinical trial. I think Meredith is thinking that Derek is not picking her because he thinks that she is not a good enough doctor, not because he is afraid of her getting Alzhimers'. Derek did tell the Chief that Mereidth was talented but he didn't  tell that to Mer.  Right now Meredith is feeling like a failure and Derek not picking her, doesn't help does feelings.

What Derek doesn't get is that no matter how much he keeps Meredith away from the trial he is still not going to be objective, because the trial is not about saving Meredith from ALzhimer's is about Derek being afraid of losing Meredih to Alzhiemer's and him preventing it.

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy?

Contrive and Force. Whatever happen to the natural evolution of a storyline.

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OMG Guys What MD Scene Is This????

It is not a deleted scene it aired.

That was when Beth their last clinical trial patient wanted to have sex with Jeremy the boy who died before they suceded with the trial. Here is the scene

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break ups

Season 1 finale when Meredith found that Derek was married, first break up.

Season 2

 1st make up:Derek explained to Meredith what happened between Addison and him, and then he told her that he was going to sign the divorce paper Meredith went back to him.

2nd break up: Meredith found that he didn't sign the divorce paper and Derek choose Addison the broke up for a long while for almost the whole of season 2.

2nd make up: Then Meredith started dating Finn and Derek became jealous and started being mean to Meredith. Then prom sex happened but they didn't get back together again because Meredith was dating Finn.


Seaaon 3

3rd make up:Meredith didn't knowo who to choose Derek or Finn, she was dating both.

3rd break up:Then Derek walked away because according to him, Finn was the better man, but Meredith dump Finn because Derek was the love of her life.

4th make up: Then Derek took his time alone and went fishing after the fishing trip he got back together with Meredith at joes

4th break up: Meredith drowned and things got complicated, Derek wanted Meredith to let him in but she couldn't. After Cristina failed to Married Burke Meredith broke up with Derek.

Season 4

5th break up: Meredith and Derek broke up officially but the started having sex and mockering they weren't in a relationship.

5th Make up:Meredith told him that she didn't want him to date anyone. 

6th Break up: Later Meredith found out that Derek kissed the plant aka Rose. So they broke up because Meredith couldn't trust him and the break up was apperatnly forever.

6th Make up: Then Meredith went to therapy and came up with the clinicla trial and after that Meredith realized that she wanted to be with Derek forever so the made up and never broke up again.

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Alzheimer's Trial (Spoilers)


Sides are the scripts that is pass around for actors who are auditioning to be guest star on the show. They usually are the dialogue for the patients.

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Alzheimer's Trial (Spoilers)

Maybe Derek gets over his clouded judgement  and realize that even if he doesn't work with Meredith, he is still can't be objective.

According to the sides most of the case are either a husband who has ALZ  and the wife who take care of him or the wife who has ALZ and the husband who takes care of her. If Meredith get ALZ that would be Derek's case, so every patient is going to remind him of the possibility of Meredith getting ALZ. So objectivity was thrown out of the window when he decided to find a cure fo ALZ, to save Meredith from it.

Derek is just fooling himself thinking that keep Mereidth out of the clinicla trial is going to keep him objective, it won't because his reasons for doing the Clinical trial are personal.

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Alzheimer's Trial (Spoilers)

Some people post them at TWOP.

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