For Whom the Bell Tolls

there was something unclear in this episode... ian said that ali was hit and that's why she died, and spencer said ali died of suffocation. as far as i remember, ali's body was never found, so how did they know all these? on the tape, there was only her hand (so the killer couldve stabbed her or something without the girl to know it)


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i dont see why people dont like stefan !

In the real life, Stefan would be the perfect boyfriend, we all agree. But this is a tv show, we want some more action, some bad guys to die for, and face it, Damon is a lot hotter than Stefan... I know I could never love a guy with Damon's personality, but is a fact that good girls love bad boys. Stelena is boring, nothing happens. Katherine is meant to be with Stefan because they'll be just like water and fire or something like that :)) and it's the same story with delena

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Katherine's gonna fall for Damon!!!!!

i think that actually ian and nina have chemistry :d that's why delena is as hot as... damon and katerina (i don't know how to call them :)) )

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