Um interesting

LOL. Ivy's into healthy life I guess.


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Why jenny won't return. (Spoilers)

I really hope they will recast the actress playing Jenny Humphrey.Although, there's no hope for this, but I like Jenny's character.

No one will match Taylor for her wittiness though.

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Is anyone else shipping Klaus/Bonnie? Even as an AU?

Everything's all right in the world of AU! :D

It will be hilarious to see them both. I can totally see Klaus teasing Bonnie. And Bonnie will be like. "I'm going to torture your vampire mind!" And Klonnie is such a catchy and adorable name. :D

Side note, Beremy isn't cute to me....Jyler on the other hand...oops, must be my sick mind popping in again. D:

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The Lying Game

Ikr, I hate Sutton too. I mean when Sutton gets back, where will Emma go? She won't have anywhere else to go. Probably she will stay at Ethan's place. Ethan deserves Emma :D


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Question/minor theory

I think Byron did teach at Hollis before they moved to Iceland. I mean that's when Aria caught him making out with one of his student right? At the first season?

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The Lying Game

Watched episode 3 and 4 in a row! Great episodes!

I'm glad there's plot development with the burnt house and the picture.

Although, I'm a bit angry that Emma will leave the "Annie Hobbs" paper lying around? Seriously, Emma? Or Emma does that on purpose?

I totally love Laurel's whole plot. Laurel is my most favorite character in the show. I'm so thrilled that she got Justin. But then again, I'm sad that Sutton will treat Laurel badly when she's back from all of this. :(

Mads whole relationship with her teacher just screamed "Ezria" for me. LOL.

And Char is a really funny character. >.>

As for Ethan, that guy is just so creepy yet he's so dependable.

Definitely will be tuning in next week.


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Am I the only one that likes Elena?

I don't hate Elena, but she's also not in my favorite list. But I guess it's just because she got a really boring character. The writers need to kick her up a notch. Nina Dobrev without doubt is a great actress, but her portrayal of Elena Gilbert just feels flat.

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Alison (Others)

Any of you watch X Men : First Class yet?

Sasha Pieterse made a cameo appearance in the movie.

I was like, "Alison Dilaurentis is alive!!!" when I saw her on screen.

Made my day. LOL.

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The Lying Game

It's my guilty pleasure at the moment. You can download it from, Flora. That's what I do with all the shows I watch :)

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Yearbook guy from episode 3??

I just started rewatching the Pilot lol. Will definitely get back about this when I reach Eps.3 :D

But all this time, I never realize they cast someone else as Ian at the Pilot :(

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