Picture This (Season 2)

Poor Emily. Seriously, what's up with hospital's security nowadays? Papers are just so easy to be taken and stolen. Duh.

Zoey is kinda sweet. Okay, on topic, I really hope Emily and Samara work it out. These two looks good on each other.

Hanna and Caleb. YAY! Can't be more happy that Caleb was gone. Sorry Haleb shippers. I just don't trust a guy with long hair. I want Lucas back!

Jason. Leave Aria alone, dude. It's not cool taking pictures of her, let alone tried to kiss her in a middle of an empty street.

Spencer. You're so freakingly awesome. You snoop in every episode and I just love Spencer.

A. Isn't it obvious that A has surveillance cameras all over the girls' house? Maybe they should've moved. And please stop look around girls, whenever you get texts from A, chances are A won't be there. Lol.

Anyway, it's a great episode for me. Ezria scene. Caleb gone. More snooping from Spencer. and Jason might be the bad guy.

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Yes her death scene was great, her expressions, everything was very believable and intense....aaaand then she got revived and everything went into even deeper crap than they were already before...

Lol. At the death scene, my sister was freaking out, OMG, Bonnie died. I just looked at her, "No worries, dear, usually the one I hated the most from a show, never died or leave the show." Then, bam! Revived at that moment.
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Glee spinoff

Urgh. I'm not really looking forward to Season 4.

I think I'll just rewatch Season 1-3 over and over and over and over again just so i can see the awesome cast, such as Rachel, Finn, Brittany, Santana, Mike, Mercedes.


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the books

See. I never read the books but somehow I have this idea of Spencer being adopted. Call me psychic.

I think they will pick up that idea of Spencer being adopted first. Because we kinda get some light on her father. >.> Just wild guessing.

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Teen choice? WTF?!

I don't get why Ed is nominated for TV Villain. He did do some scheming but then so does all of the rest of the cast, Serena, Blair, Nate, even Dan. >.>

And yeah, they got the awards for NOT acting. Lol.

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Teen Choice Awards!!!! :) TCA

Btw, Klaus losing to Bieber on TV Villain just doesn't make sense. But then so does most of the winners. >.>


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An1 else think spencer's kind of a whore?

Spencer is my favorite character and I will never want her to be a whore literally.

it's just that she has this very strong chemistry with Toby and then a whole different one with Wren.

But I'll ship Spoby forever <3

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Aria and Jason WTF???

Isn't it just Aria's 'wet' dream? Lol.
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Who's the hottest guy?

Imagining what Aria and Old Jason will be like together. Lol.

Yeah and I like Old Jason as well. He seems more mature.

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Jenna knew about Ezria?

Yeah. I remember when Jenna said something like this to Aria, "He's (Ezra) all yours!"

Darn Jenna. Probably read the script when they were having a break. xD

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