Teen Choice Awards!!!! :) TCA

The award is just hilarious.

I'm excited that TVD grabbed most of TV Sci-fi categories.

And yeah, I agree. Katerina Graham definitely doesn't deserve to be nominated.

Candice Accola will make a better scene-stealer and then Forwood will be Male/Female Scene Stealers and at the end of the day, we all know they both deserve it.


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OMG. So many Caroline pics. You guys made my day! :') She's like the best female character in the show. Starting out as weak, manipulative and snobby, then strong and independent in season 2. Talk about character growth. And Candice is a really talented actress.

I love Vampire Barbie! <333333


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An1 else think spencer's kind of a whore?

Decisions decisions.

Spoby is just so adorable and romantic together.

Then Wren is pretty much cute and adorable too.

Darn, I think I wanted Spencer to be a whore lol. >.>


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need help

I think it's Aria

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My Theory On Who Killed Alison

Wicked. It will be great if they approach that plot in the show as well. I wouldn't mind more Sasha Pieterse on screen as Courtney. :D I mean it's not possible to sign someone as a regular just for fashback scenes, right?

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Season 2 second half in the fall?

Well, at least it's good to know they will have another summer finale. The previous season's summer finale is excellent and thrilling.

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My Theory On Who Killed Alison

Alison has twins in the books?


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Who's the hottest guy?

@patty: makes the two of us lol. i'm glad he appeared more this season and actually have a storyline rather than just randomly popping in good-looking-slash-cute-little-brother of Aria.

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wtf 5 to 8 seasons?

I'm getting bored with Gossip Girl's storyline. The cast is the only thing keeping me interested. Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Really love them both.

On topic, I think five until eight seasons of Pretty Little Liars will never happen. I meant will "A" continue to bother them for eight seasons? Even until they graduate from high school. Lol. Three seasons will be great for PLL. An epic show doesn't need to run long. Fans will just rewatch the seasons over and over.

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Who is your favorite character?

Favorite female : Spencer. Uptight, smart and unpredictable. She really portrays a strong independent girl but then weak and dilematic girl on the other side.

Favorite male : Lucas. Dorky dorky dorky. That's all I need to say.

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