just say no to Sam and Santana

santana is great with anyone!

She's even great with herself!

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Forwood Appreciation Thread

Yeah I really want 2 c Tyler as part of the gang next season

Me too! :D I mean a werewolf is a great addition to the team. Say, that there's a really bothersome vampire that needs to be taken care of. There goes Tyler. Rawr.
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Who do you think is A?

I doubt Mona is "A" unless she got more screen time and appearance rather than just popping once in a while to deliver mean and hilarious single-liner.

About Ezra being "A", I mean there's such a huge possibility.

Remember the ending scene in season 1 when "A" visit the old lady who creates the bracelet? The old lady supposedly told "A" that he/she/it has pretty eyes.

Then on the next few episodes when Aria sent the wrong message which is meant for Ezra, to her mother. It contains something like this, "Can't wait to see your pretty eyes."

Call me crazy but I do look at details.


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PLL Relationship face off (Which couple do you prefer?)


Call me old school, but they both really got chemistry on screen and it's cute to see them together.


Hanna is the old insecure girl inside and Lucas saw through that so I don't see why they shouldn't be together. Caleb weirds me out though. I just don't trust a guy with long hair.


Their kiss scene is just so romantic and original. And bad boy Toby is definitely a fitting match for straight uptight Spencer


Samara is a really mature "out of closet" girl so she really can bring a good influence on Emily. The scene at the bazaar and restaurant, there's a small chemistry between both of them although I'd prefer a new character for Emily.

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My Theory On Who Killed Alison

^ Isn't it just their theory as to what happen during the time Ian and Alison make those videos and the time Alison went missing?

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Who's the hottest guy?

Manly hot : Ezra

Cute hot : Wren

Dorky hot : Lucas

Boring hot : Mike (yes, Aria's brother)

Weird hot : Toby

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My Theory On Who Killed Alison

Is it only me that think that the perv videos may belong to Officer Garrett? And Jenna who knew this, team up to prevent the videos getting out? I mean, don't forget that Garrett used to live around the liars' houses too. Wouldn't it be easy to make those videos? Guy always creeped me out though.

And also I'm a bit confused on why Ian thought Spencer murdered Alison. Does this mean that Ian saw something on the night Ali died? Or did he mistake someone else for Spencer? Or Spencer did actually murder Ali by accident?

Oh well, the thing is when the identity of A finally revealed, the show have to do a lot of explanations on how A knows this and that and actually have a deep motive rather than, "I'm A. i do this because I hate the girls." Duh.


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Sick Minds Appreciation Club (S.M.A.C.)

Oooh, a very interesting thread.

I'm new around the forum and have some sick minds, yeah I admit and call me creepy but I was just wondering if there's any Jeremy and Tyler shippers out there?

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What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

Vicki has made sure that she's back for revenge

What gives you that inpression?


I read it somewhere in this site. I think it came from the mouth of Kayla Ewell, who's playing Vicki.



It's floating around the page. I'm not sure about Anna. I mean Anna could be the good erm...dead girlfriend while Vicki can be the super-crazy-revengeful-dead-girlfriend




On Elena matter   Yeah, Elena is a bit boring at this point. Probably have something to do with the inconsistency of her character. And yes, there's a lot of hugs. Not that hugs are bad :P


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What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

Things I've been looking forward next season. 1. Delena. With Stefan out of the picture, I'll expect a deeper relationship between Damon and Elena. They both have a very well-developed chemistry on-screen. But I kinda agree that they shouldn't exploit this too much for Delena fans. 2. Tylerine. A new and fresh kind of romance between a vampire and a werewolf. More Tylerine on screen please. Tyler should embrace his soft side more and Caroline needs to sing more obviously. 3. Jeremy and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Jeremy probably will be able to see only dead people who he has a strong feeling hence Vicki and Anna showing up. Vicki has made sure that she's back for revenge. So, yeah I think it will turn out great. Things I'm not looking forward next season. 1. Stefanta Klaus. Oh please, so yeah Klaus desires a wingman and choose Stefan because he used to be a very scary monster and ripper. So? Stefan will eventually forget Elena and will try to prey on her when they finally meet. I can totally see that coming. 2. Jonnie. Okay, Jonnie's development is getting a bit out of hand. With new ex-girlfriends on sight, I kinda have feeling Bonnie will get left out in the whole confusion. Oh well, maybe Bonnie can hook up with Matt. We know they will just be okay. 3. Katherine. Before I watch Season 2, I thought Katherine will be a bad-ass villain and be my favorite. But duh! Something just seems off with her. She's portrayed as unimportant throughtout the season and very inconsistent when coming to make a decision.
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