Best Thing I Read

Finnchel forever <3 :D

Best couple in Glee... :D

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"My Cup" Appreciation Thread

I still like My Headband better....


Still, they need to create more original songs like this. xD

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Goodbye the youngters and the outsiders!

I thought they were planning to promote Paolo to series regular. Dayum. Sad to see my favorites, Jenny and Eric to go together... :(

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Katie Cassidy's new show -- dead

Yep. I hate Juliet. Which means Katie Cassidy succeeded in delivering her role. She's a really great and pretty actress.

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Shattered Bass (Season 4)

All I'm say is I'm so freaking excited to see what kind of havoc will Charlie wreak in the finale...

I'm glad Jack Bass becomes the good guy this time.

Prince and Blair are getting kinda boring at this time. Chuck and Blair's chemistry is on again.


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Glee Friday by Rebecca Black cover

Well, i still think it's a bad cover. It's like re-cooking a bad food, hey it's still technically bad food.


But the cover definitely is better than the original.

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Who do you think is going to die in the next episode?

I'm thinking Sue's sister.

If she dies, maybe Sue will be too shaken and back out from the whole plan to destroy Glee Club and they finally can 'safely' reach New York to perform.



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