most good looking characters in TVD?

Hottest female goes to Caroline and Katherine

Hottest male goes to Jeremy and Tyler

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S03E08 Thread

Actually, I kinda like it. It shows that even though Klaus is scared of his stepfather, he still is the true evil of the family and nothing that Michael do will change that. I also believe that Esther will come back and Rebekah and Elijah will remember their pact that they had with Klaus. Elijah is all about family so he will not want Klaus to die.

Yeah, but why does he feel the need to lie to his siblings? I'm sure he's stronger than his siblings anyway so he could just be honest. I'm not sure Rebekah and Elijah will stand by Klaus' side. Not after one of them is lied and the other is getting double-crossed, stabbed and shipped somewhere.
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Another reason why Elena is mental

Yeah, hugging her will be awkward. They're not like besties though.

And ELENA is okay in this episode, so no bashing! xD

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S03E08 Thread

This is a game-changing episode. I've said that I don't like Rebekah before this and I like Klaus. After watching, I fall for Rebekah and I hate Klaus. Really, I hope he's dead by the end of the season. He's just a manipulative coward villain. I thought he's gonna be a cool antagonist but bleh.

I'm happy that all of them are team together now against Klaus (or looks like), and Mikael is really creepy! And I hope Rebekah will bring Elijah back to help with this revenge plan.

I've had enough of this Klaus business.


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The Person Below Me

No, easily predicted, still excited for them!


TPBM wants to see more of the blossoming friendship between Finn and Rory

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Last Friday Night on Glee!!

Darren's so awesome at covering Katy Perry's and Pink's and other hot pop tunes out there. :D
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No more round tables?

Yeah. I hate it too when they stop the Round Tables. If they're too busy with other shows, why create a round table in the first place? They're as lazy as Mercedes >.
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S03E07 Thread

Ghosts are awesome. Nuff said.

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The First Secret

Mona 'meowing' at Alison. EPIC FUNNY!

Geek Mona is as awesome as Today's Mona!

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3x06 Thread

Everytime she does a spell, she whispers this weird language and it all just sounds the same to me. Then Candles burn.

Exactly. And the ritual is super lame. Especially Matt's. So you just arrange those candles, cut yourself, and then let the blood dropped on the picture? And the witch from 'other' side will take care of it? Urgh... they need a new guy for this kind of stuff.

Also, the weird language needs to be updated. LOL.

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