Matt Donovan = Nate from Gossip Girl

At least, Nate's being used by all the schemers (Juliet, Diana, etc etc). Matt, on the other hand, no one in VD cares about him. Lol.

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3x06 Thread

Bonnie been able to find the spell to send Vicki back to the other world?

Very Bonnie-ish, still a plot device I see.

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IKR! I hope Mikael is making her his slave or something, or his sidekick.

I'll be angry if the only Nina Dobrev I see on screen will be Elena Gilbert. >.<

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OT: Revenge (For People Who Like Their Lead Characters To Be Awesome)

There no sexual tension between Nolan and Emily.

Exactly. I never imagine Nolan and Emily as a couple. Maybe you meant Daniel and Emily or Jack and Emily?


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The First Secret

Yeah, I dislike the episode too.

They keep saying it's gonna be the scariest, but I yawn at that scene in the empty house. Seriously, are they trying to scare off 5-10 years old kids? I will be horrified if they will even be scared.

But some good points:

1. Aria's bumping into Ezra. Squeal!2. Hanna as Fat Britney!

3. Nerdy Mona is awesome, so is Catwoman-Mona!


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Will Mikael kill Rebekka?

I kinda hope she dies. She whines like Dawn from BtVS, and she is just as much a brat. She acts like a 10 year old that have been a "victim" of injustice(as if her sister got a lollipop and she didn't). She is piss ass annoying and there is nothing badass about her. In the flashback, it was different, and in the first 3 minutes on screen. . . But now she is just unbearable. . .

OMG. I thought I was the only one.

The way she confronted Elena about the necklace, then she whined to Klaus, "Make her tell me where it is, Nick!" I went, "Oh, can't you make her tell you by yourself?"Flashback's Rebekah is awesome but now? Meh.

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Who has the best vampire face

Stefan then Caroline!!

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I miss Jenny! :(

But yes, Navy will be awesome!

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Will Mikael kill Rebekka?


Or it could be their mother who will end up dead since she will be appearing soon.

I don't know. I don't really liek Rebekah... she's just too annoying I guess. I like her better as Samara in PLL. xD

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Why is Aria the main focus of the show? She sucks.

Lol yeah. Lucy really got those big eyes.

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