What if?

Ezra is my main suspect since Season 2. Though, he's one of my favorite character too.


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Ezria definitely. I'm not supporting teacher-student relationship.

It's just that they both looks awesome and cute when together. :D


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Will Mikael kill Rebekka?

Just a crazy theory...

But I think the show picks up Rebekka just so Mikael can kill her?

I mean, there's no way Klaus will be dead right?

So, I'm guessing his original sister will be the one end up dead-dead at Mikael's hand?

What do you guys think?


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I love you people....

And we have S.M.A.C.. That alone make this forum rocks! :D

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Why is Aria the main focus of the show? She sucks.

Yeah. I agree, I mean I think Aria is the main lead from the "SSSSHHH..." thingy in the intro as well. But then again, I think the four girls lead the show with no one being treated special


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Matt is just too desperate to get any friends or anyone to talk to that he wants his 'ghost' sister.

Pathetic I say.

But then again, I'll give him a chance to prove himself.

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favorite GG star and actor

Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester are the love of my live! <3

I also love Connor Paolo, Michelle Trachtenberg and Sebastian Stan!!

As for Penn, Chace and Ed? Blah.


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Sebastian Stan was spotted near Empire Hotel! Carter RETURNS??

Serena has been useless this season so far. But I still love her. Bring CARTER back!!! SCARTER FTW!!!

Hope this is true.

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Do you watch revenge?

Revenge is totally worth watching.

HEY! Blair is still awesome nowadays <3

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Bonnie's Mother-Abby

My favorite witches are Bonnie's gram, Lucy (her cousin in "Masquerade", she's totally cool!) and yes Maddox!! <3

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