Katherine's coming back!

At least, Katherine is more interesting than Elena which means Nina Dobrev isn't such a failure lol.
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Yeah. Damon's got so sappy I don't even recognize him anymore!!!
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MY top highlights!!!

LMFAO at Elena hitting on Ric. I thought I'm the only one who thinks of that. Sick Elena LOL. Yeah, Klaus just have to kill Elena!! To complete his hybrid thingy... Then Caroline should step up as a main lead. :D
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Can't act

but I think it's okay to judge someone's acting but tbh I never thought abcfamily shows have the greatest actors

Agreed here. And also agreed that their acting skills have grown up to now. Best actress of the Liars? Hanna. Worst? Aria.
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I think its safe to assume Blair is NOT:

Blair and Serena won't be pregnant I think. It's quite a leap for the writers to have one of the main leads pregnant.

So, Lily? Eleanor? Charlie?

I'm thinking Eleanor.


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ok so i'm not usually on this thread so i'm going to just say something and idk if its already been said

Delena will be awesome in Season 1. But after dragging and teasing it for whole 2 seasons, I'm not really into this couple. I'd really like them to stay BFFs.

Forwood, on the other hand, need to start making hybrids :D

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Funniest Character?





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We want Steroline thread

OMG. Steroline as brother-sister!!!

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Favorite Character

Also, there's Nick whom I think hold a lot of potential. But yeah, the most standing out in the pilot is Cassie-Adam-Diana-Faye and Charles, Diana's father.

Melissa, on the other hand....needs to get some very cool plots or she's just going to be so miss-able.

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Hopes for the show?

I hope they elevated the cast's acting and dialogue so the show seems a bit less teenager-ish...


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