Favorite Character

Definitely Diana, she's like this illustrious leader of the circle yet still maintain to be weak and strong at the same time.

Adam, he comes in second just because he has piercing eyes and a hot attitude

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The Lying Game

"Over Exposed"

Strong episode. I really love the growth of Emma and Ethan's relationship. Screw you, Sutton!

I hate Nisha more and more now. I understand all this high school problems, but girl should try to grow up.

They kinda dropped the problem when Char is mad with Mads. Instead, now both of them is mad with Emma.

Ted and Alec. Same old creepy.

Sutton and Thayer. Predictable.

That new guy who win homecoming king whose name escapes me at the moment. It's just kinda lame. So, I should believe that there are none hot guys in Arroyo like Finn Hudson in McKinley to run for King?

Anyway, I'll definitely tune in next week.

It's starting to be a real good "guilty pleasure"...


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New ship! DUCK

I always ship DUCK! Aren't they a thing in books?

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everyone should watch the lying game


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Anyone else just can't wait for Ringer?

I'm so excited for this show. It looks just like my kinda stuff. Downloading it right now.

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Sick Minds Appreciation Club (S.M.A.C.)

LOL. Stefan's face always make me LOL.

Santa :'(

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This show scares me with killing off characters

I can fully imagine him ending tyler(since Steff killed tyler in the books), leading to Caroline taking up a new  opinion on elena similar to the one she has in the books( which can be summed up as "you bitch, its your fault, I will make you suffer"

OMG. I don't read the books. (Lots of friends told me they're far better) but I really hope they do follow them. I'm a big fan of Tyler but to be honest, I won't be upset if Stefan ended up killing him. But with them promoting Forwood romance in S3, I don't think the writers will take that big step. >.>
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um so like...can I do this

Mike <3

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This show scares me with killing off characters


I wish show ended someone like Alaric, tyler, caroline,bonnie or someone PERMANENTLY and let Steff do it in s3, but i horribly doubt htat happens EVER. NO ONE DIES IN TVD. 

I agree. The show probably will get more recognitions if it does this. Having Stefan killed someone in the circle will definitely drive the plot forward.
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Will Carter return to the show ?

Carter is awesome. Just saying.


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