The Quinn Fabray Appriciation Thread.

I am with you.

Quinn is a babe. Not only is she hot, but she's just so amazing.

I agree. People have judged Quinn way too much. They shouldn't diss her because of Sam.

I mean, she was with Finn first. And Puck was a mistake. People make them. 

I am with you JackieeXDelena. QUINN FOR THE WIN! :D

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Ethan ...

I find it silly that they even wrote out Ethan.

Every character has potential. You cannot run out of storylines for a character.

They could have done anything, but they decided to write him out.

The writers just play around. They have written out Tabitha, Ethan and now coming up is Debbie and Ryan. 

The show almost has more added cast members than original cast members.

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gay agenda

I am actually interested in the gay storyline. I am not gay, but I am finding it interesting about how they're taking this 'kid' and making how go through these stages and steps to open up about who he is. I mean, yes, he is an attractive person, but majority of the cast are. It's clearly the point. They didn't no they were making him gay. So not their fault really. Also, Teddy lacks the stereotypical classification of being a "fruity". Stereotypes are disgusting to even discuss. People are people.
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just say no to Sam and Santana

I'm not even touching that relationship.

Just no. Okay. Just no.

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Does anyone not like Sam?

I am not for, or agianst his character. I don't really think about him much at all.

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It really does.

It looks like Jennie Garth got botox and she's been well preserved.

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Izzie/ Alex Closure

Valid points.

Kill her off. OFF WITH HER HEAD! XD

But seriously. Killing her off won't help anything. Yes, it would be interesting.

But that's like saying they should have killed Burke off to give Cristine closure. - which to be honest, knowing he wasn't probably should have been a better idea. Much better then her getting left at the alter as it would have been more wounds for Cristina.

Aside from her though, I think Alex/Izzie were over. I don't expect closure. It's just when Shonda bring's up Izzie, I get curious. Every character who has left sounds interesting enough to know about as they're not there on the show anymore.

Wither they choose to kill Izzie off or not, is up to Shonda, but if she does, that means there are definitely no chances of Katherine Heigl will come back. But I highly doubt she would anyway. The actress is not only stubborn, but she is arrogant and too self-righteous. From previous articles I have read, she sounds like a stuck up bitch.

I think someone else should have played Izzie. Izzie is too opposite from Katherine to be portrayed by her.

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy? (Spoilers)


The cancer was the storyline. The 'Denny Dead Sex' as you put it was just a mystery thrown into it. :roll:

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy?

For those still on topic, and allowing yourselves to see where this goes, I praise you.

The rest, I don't see how you can judge this storyline without giving it a chance.

The only line you have heard is: "Today I found out that I am pregnant. With Mark's baby".

You heard one line, from the character who is pregnant.

At least give it 3 episodes, to see how the plot will go. Some people probably didn't like Callie and then switched for her. Some may have not liked her marriage with George. Some of you may hate her for her constant yelling. Hell, maybe you didn't like her switch from men to women. But the show is known for it's twist. E.g. This pregnancy storyline. 

But if you truly are a fan of this show, you will give it a go no matter what.

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Writing out Ryan and Debby a HUGE mistake?

The writers need to be booted, along with the executive producer. She's ruined the show...

And the actors need more lessons. I know that I am not the best actor, and I don't expect Angelina Jolie on here, but I also don't expect some cheap actors with the acting skills of a porn star.

I like the show. I like characters. I like the storylines. But they're not using them right. I feel like I am watching a parody.

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