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I haven't read anything.

But Liam said they were over after she lied about Mr. Cannon sexually harassing her. 

They haven't interacted at all. They have only spoken once this season actually.

And that was only when Annie asked Naomi if she could be with Liam and she approached him and gave them permission to do it.

So I suppose that yes, they're over. Annie and Liam are on. Sorry to dissapoint. But remember, Annie is main lead character. She get's all.

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Writing out Ryan and Debby a HUGE mistake?

I think Ryan should still be used. I think Adrianna should go back to high school in season 4 to complete her education. They can also find a better storyline for the character in the way of Ryan and Jen. Also, with Deb, it dosent matter how old Annie and Dixon get. They're both gonna need emotional support from their parent(s). Characters can always be used. Writing them out is probably a a budget reason, but if not, it's pure laziness in their department of thinking.
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Alex+____________ (Relationships)

I am with; sofilove123. I can only see him with Izzie.

But I really felt his chemistry with Lexie, but she is back with Mark now. I can see him with April. Mainly because she is single, he is single and she had a crush on him, and they almost got it on before he verbally abused her.

And with Shonda saying that 14 is her cast limit and she won't add anyone in, I don't see him being with the the OB/GYN for long - if there is a hook up at all though.

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Writing out Ryan and Debby a HUGE mistake?

If they kill them off. I feel that would be silly. One, because Ryan has a son. And two, Annie and Dixon would be distraught and would cause a huge thing like potential suicide of one them... Actually, wait, yes. Kill of Debbie.

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Writing out Ryan and Debby a HUGE mistake?

I understand why they have to farewell a high school teacher, but knowing that 90210, is based in Los Angles. I can only gather that ALL of the teens will be going to a uni based in the area if they're remaining on the show. So, why write out Debra? Annie and Dixon can still visit her. OR, live there. I mean, it would save their family money. And considering their 'financial difficulties', you think they would. 

I mean, yes, the teacher is probably one of the most useless characters, but he does get decent storylines  - unlike Dixon - but seriously, why boot out a character so easily? In season 2, he did opt a career change. Why not give it to him?

This show lost Tabitha. Then Ethan, followed by Harry, and now, Deb and Ryan are both next out the door. Anyone else finding this an idiotic thing to do?

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Is Jessica Stroup pregnant?

I dealt it.

She would have announced it to the media.

And knowing the people she works for, being the executive producers of the show, they would have revealed her pregnancy. I mean, they cannot keep a storyline from the press. What makes you think they're keeping that a secret?

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As much as I want Izzie back, I don't see Katherine Heigl coming back for a while. And if she does, I'd say 1 or 2 episodes - tops.

I like Alex and Lexie. They did have a thing for Mark and Lexie anyway. So techniqually, she was Alex's first. :p

I don't think her and Mark will last anymore. Her and Mark were separated for too long. I don't see the chemistry anymore. Shonda only put them back together for fans to be paying attention and once he tells her about the baby, she'll be all "I cannot do this blah blah blah".

I say, give Lexie and Jackson a go, and Alex and April a go. The characters are sitting there. Being single. There is no personal lives with them going on. 

Speaking of personal lives, I'd like to see just Meredith, Cristina and Alex go out for a drink. Just them 3. I'd seriously like them to interact more as friends.

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is callie pregnant? (Spoilers)






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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy?


I love the positive attitude there from you Kate. :D

Hi-Five! :D 

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy?

I agree.

The Callie/Sloan baby is the haps right now in Grey's Anatomy.

It doesn't compare to the 'ghost'. Maybe if a ghost got Callie pregnant it would, but not now...

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