Free Falling (Episodes)

When are the actual promo still pics gonna be released, the video's are great but go way to fast a picture tell's a thousand words.

Come on release them already

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how to watch season 7 episodes for free ?!? (Episodes)

sorry didn't realise hadn't worked

try ctv dot com :-)


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how to watch season 7 episodes for free ?!? (Episodes)

go to www
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So Sick of Derek the dirtbag. Hope he comes home to divorce papers!

Have you never had an argument with your best friend? Said things in the heat of the moment only to regret it later?

That is exactly what has happened in this case with Mer/Der. He's emotional, angry and upset, said nasty thing's like calling her a whore, a lemon and now a bad mother hitting right at the core of her insecurities. But these two are best friends made for each other and if you listen to everything that Mer was saying to Zola when they got back to the house she understands that he is angry,upset and needs time to think. 

Also you can't tell me when Derek was looking at the word "CRIB" on the floor he realised what he said and was feeling all McGuilty. He'll go back and remember he doesn't know they have been successful in adopting Zola.  If he answered the phone he would already know this but no he hit end the call instead and Mer didn't leave a message.

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How to get the message boards buzzing?

So how do you get the message boards buzzing?

That's right Patrick Dempsey supposedly announces to Italian Vanity Fair that he's out after season 8.

He has been saying for couple of years his contract ends after S8 but until ABC confirms it i guess everyone will be guessing.

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season 8? (Spoilers)

From the mouth of Patrick Dempsey on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.

Ellen: You look refreshed

Patrick: Yes i'm on holidays, spending time with the family, it's been good. Looking forward to getting back on GA set in July for season 8.

Woooooo all Grey's Fan cheer from the lounge chairs.

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I Will Survive (Episodes)

Ok so just saw a couple more sneak peeks on the ABC site for next ep I will survive.

I'm now thinking Meredith's emotional ending is gonna be about Zola and adopting instead of being caught for the trial switch a roo.

Alex say's in the promo gotta swim with the sharks - mmm is he gonna be busted for blackmailing the old witch?

Owen is seen yelling at someone "your making a big mistake" that gotta be Christina and about their relationship are we seeing the start of the next divorce?

For anything that ties all 3 characters together it will be the death of Izzie for the added emotional path life for a life so then Mer gets pregnant for season 8 :-)

Also want to actually see pictures of their dream house since it supposedly has been started since Derek was named chief back in season 6 must be complete by now.

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top cutest couple in GREY'S ANATOMY (Relationships)

1. MerDer all the way, sorry show is about them.

2. Lexie/Mark

3. Bailey/Eli

4. Alex/Lucy

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I Will Survive (Episodes)

Yes looking forward to the reactions of other's when they find out MerDer also sneakily got married as well.  They probably should have a apology to Callie and Arizona ready first then say we had our reason's as we also got married and didn't want to ruin your day.  Then they announce it to the rest of the team.

Also how sweet would it be if the opening line will be Derek saying "Good Morning Dr Shepherd". Then we see their first official kiss as husband and wife since they cut that out of the previous ep.

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I Will Survive (Episodes)

Yay finally it's legal with MerDer about damn time. Like 95% of viewers biological cutie required for season 8. Oh and Shonda has said together 4EVA numerous times no going back now allowed, unless she wants to loose 95% of viewers.

As for this adoption of Zola can see this story progressing into season 8, (very cute baby) totally think something seriously goes wrong like she dies from a OT complication which will effect Derek again as it's his little princess for the time being. Believe the switich lie for the trial will come out but remember it was Adele who got the drug and MerDer both love that lady hush hush time coming.

Karev well he's just being an ass like he always is, trying to buy CR spot with the i'll tell on you scare tactics and bully boy attitude. I hope Dr Fields see's straight thru him and is the one to dob him in instead. BULLIES NEVER PROSPER! He also has forgotten who put's a roof over his head at night, yes that's right he lives under Meredith and Derek's roof. Kick his sorry butt out onto the street 2 can play that game. 

We've had sad endings past 2 seasons time for a happy one. What do you think?

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