Empire of the Son (Season 4)


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Easy J Promo

What a shit promo.

And eh. Jenny still looks like a cheap whore. I thought she'd be over that.

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No I actually agree with you. The trailers made the Kat/Elena meeting seem really huge, and it wasn't. 

And was it just me, or did the flashbacks actually seem sort of messy> The one where Stefan admits his love and the last one when Kat leaves were consequential, but the others seemed unnecessary - they told us nothing Kat couldn't have told us in words.

And finally, I needed more from Damon. He had like five minutes of screen time. How is it that he's happy-go-lucky after everything that's happened?? After they discovered the tomb didn't have Kat, he very realistically went his own style of crazy. But Kat was a lie, Elena hates him, and he's all flowers-and-sunshine normal??

Also: Isn't it weird that Caroline seems to have become a regular member of society? Ya, she talked bout bloodlust. But it took Stefan WEEKS to recover after tasting Elena's blood. And he's an older vamp who'd trained himself one before. I don't get Caroline sudden okay-ness.

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Major Spolier Rumor For Season 4 episode 4!!! (Spoilers)

I don't care why she goes away, I'm just glad she's GOING.

Seeing someone else with Chuck makes me feel physically sick!!

Is Clemence Poesy out for the time being fosho next ep?

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