They're all friends and they hang out socially, so there's nothing to it anyway, but if (multiple) gossip bloggers are to be believed, Chace is actually gay and the periodic flings with girls are just to keep the fans happy and the closet door shut. 

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NYC Prep - Reality series trying to be as GGish as possible

Just watched the first episode on Hulu. GG rip-offs aside, it's actually kindof sad... One girl wants to pursue a singing career, but her parents stay in the Hamptons and sent her and her brother (16 & 18) to live alone in Manhattan! They're going to bars and trying SO hard to be grown-up... I don't know if it's worse if the parents truly don't know what's going on, or do know and signed their kids up for the show anyway! (I'm guessing all the kids families are "new money" - I can't fathom anyone from old-money UES families doing this.)


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Things you notice in replays

This is a thread for anyone who notices in the writing or dialog "hidden in plain site" nuggets of information that add to the story, or that you missed the first time around. 

Watching episodes again I realized pretty much any piece of paper a character handles has some extra or interesting information about the plot, scene, or person if you read it. Then I started Googling phrases and words and finding fun things.  To get it started, here's a few examples:

1. The Ex-Files, breakfast before the first day of school...

Chuck: This is your year to rule. Why fight it?  Serena: Because I don't want it. Being Queen is Blair's whole thing. Plus, if she needs a eunuch, she knows where to look. Chuck: You may feel differently when the trumpets call.

I thought that couldn't be random dialog, so I googled "...when the trumpets call". And it turns out to be a reference to the Book of Revelation 8:7 - when the trumpets call, it signals it's Judgement Day and the destruction of the earth and mankind! Whoa!

2. Summer, Kind of Wonderful, when Serena walks into Chuck's room...

Serena: This is the first time I've seen you look in the mirror all summer. Here I thought if you did you'd turn to stone. Must be pretty nervous about something if you're willing to take that risk.

I knew she was making a reference to medusa, but my Greek mythology is rusty, so back to Google... "The medusa was an ugly creature. ... Athena was angered and punished her by turning her hair into snakes and cursing her by making her so ugly that who ever lookes at her eyes would turn into stone."  --

3. You've Got Yale, when Blair is meeting with the Dean we see her essay... The first paragraph reads (to the best of my ability):

"A few times in your life, someone will tell you something so right, so deeply true, that it changes you forever. In my experience, this wisdom, perhaps without knowing it, that i have longed to hear about, was the perfection trap(?), the price you pay when you become <unclear>, and the key to setting yourself free. I believe when your success looks good to the world, but doesn't feel good in your heart, it isn't success at all."  

Now it's YOUR turn... What have you found that made YOU say "OMG!"?


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Die Hard Gossip Girl Fans!! READ and EXPLAIN xoxo

oops - meant the adults *aren't* caricatures... they are flawed and irrational and human.

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Die Hard Gossip Girl Fans!! READ and EXPLAIN xoxo

I'm at the top of the GG "demographic" - mid-30's, professional woman. Oh Brother Where Bart Thou was the first episode I saw, and I was floored - it was NOT what I expected. Now my 60-something mom is hooked, my best friend (a doctor), and another friend who grew up in Greenwich, CT, with one foot in that exact world. We're all obsessed.

Why I'm obsessed has to do with a combination of factors... the personal way NY is treated in the show, even more than SATC... the wish-fulfillment aspect... the chemistry of the entire cast, and Chair in particular...that the adults are caricatures of adults...the cinematography, and the writing. People are saying Season 2 was way weaker than Season 1, but I don't necessarily agree. I would just say Season 1 was the most exceptionally consistently strong season of any drama I've seen, starting with the pilot.

No other show has jokes that reference classical literature, uses words like mellifluous and narcissist. And did you pause the show and read "On Being Blair" - Blair's Yale essay she hands the Dean? I can only make out the first paragraph, but it was an OMG moment - VERY insightful into her character.  What other show takes the time to do that?!!

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Feminism and Gossip Girl

While the show may not depitct how it *should* be, they're reflecting the way it is in real life. 

In Cruel Intentions, Catherine tells Cecile "Everyone does it... it's just that no one talks about it." When the text goes out about B. sleeping with 2 guys in one week, the whispering/talking we hear overlay that scene consists overwhelmingly if not exclusively of female voices. We cannot demand to be treated equally while we hold ourselves down. 

Ironically, in the finale I felt like the writers made the point - asking us to consider how Blair's situation changed over the year with a combination of two Blair-Jenny scenes. First, Jenny tells Blair she hasn't been Queen B for a long time, and then Blair tells Jenny forget boys and keep her "eyes on the prize" - having finally realized she did not. 

That said, Blair with Chuck by her side - someone who believes in her, admires her, and recognizes her abilities - has the ultimate potential to be a powerhouse in the coming seasons. I'm rooting for her to join a campaign staff or at least to become an indispensable advisor to Chuck at Bass Industries. TO me, being a feminist doesn't mean avoiding men or eschewing motherhood or marriage - it means not allowing anyone to define success for you... or failure.

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The Goodbye Gossip Girl (Season 2)

Glad I'm not the only one who pauses when someone's reading something to see what it says! I noticed the Harry Potter comment, too... I also thought it was unrealistic that anyone other than the main characters would know something like the fact Chuck thought he killed his mother. (BTW, Dan Hess has the porn problem, fortunately... not 'our' Dan :)

Pause and read the report Carter hands Serena, too - there's some good insight into the guy.  There's actually a funny item saying he parked in a handicapped parking space - nice! It definitely makes him out to be a shady character, with the hotels and meetings and women...

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Who does Blair care more about: Chuck or Serena?

While I think BFF and BF love are apples-to-oranges comparison, my two cents is: Blair and Chuck have known each other since childhood, too - they've all known each other roughly the same time. Since Serena is more like a sister than a best friend, she doesn't feel jealous or competitive with Chuck for Blair's love or time. So Blair feels free to focus her attention more on Chuck because she doesn't worry that Serena will desert her - which may give the impression she cares more about him. 

Hmmm... maybe the fact Blair and Chuck are both only-children also gives her a special kind of empathy with him?

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All Things Chair

Someone asked whether the scene where Dorota walks in and Blair's in the limo in the green dress was Chair's first time. Actually their first time happens in the Victor/Victrola limo ride, though we don't see it.  In that scene Chuck asks her "Are you sure?", and then in the next episode (Seventeen Candles) Blair confesses to the priest she "succumbed to inebriation" (got drunk) and "surrendered her virtue..." to Chuck, which confirms that was their first time.

The scene with Dorota I had assumed was a fantasy b/c she hears Dorota's voice and looks up - but maybe it was a reference to an unseen assignation, since we know they did it in the limo 'several times' according to Chuck. Either way, playing just the chorus of Crash and Burn Girl ("Going down, down down...") over that scene was hilarious genius!!!




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All Things Chair

I just can't get over his ILY... their body language is too real, and I've never seen Chuck smile or laugh so naturally in the show, the way Ed does. I'm not saying they're in love, just that I think the scene isn't just about good acting.

Have you seen the interview where they ask Ed - as himself - to choose Blair or Serena?  The way he thinks about it, smiles a little, looks up and says "Blair" makes my heart skip a beat!


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