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OC: Summer&Seth, Taylor&Ryan, Julie&Frank, Kirsten&SandyEverwood: (did anyone watch that show?) Ephram & MadisonTwilight: I've always shipped Edward&Bella, Jacob is my favorite but i hated Bella for treating him like this.OTH: I have always shipped Naley from the very first episode on. I also ship Brooke and Julian! I've never been a fan of Brucas honestly. Maybe because I don't really like Lucas.Harry Potter: I never shipped anyone on HP, honestly. But I was happy for Ron&Hermione in the end, as well as for Ginny and Harry.Charmed: Phoebe&Cole ! haha, i just watched an old episode yesterday and I was like "where's cole?" the whole time. I really loved him.Gilmore Girls: Lorelai/Luke and Rory/JessI think that's it.Oh and yes, I shipped Charlie/Rose on Two And A Half Men! srsly.

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So little time, so much yet to do!


I want Jack Bass coming back (I heard we will see that in some weeks already) – but before GG ends, I want Chuck to kick Jack’s ass.


Blair getting a job would be great. Or going to college. Whatever. Serena becoming an actress or something else in Hollywood. Blair choosing Serena over Dan. Chuck and Blair scheming one last time.


But the most important thing: A REAL SL FOR NATIE. After Derena is ruined for me, Serenate should be started right NOW. So that they can get together until the end of the series. But I want him to be successful and have a great romance/relationship.


Any engagement. I want S6 to end with a wedding. I know that’s crazy but.. I WAAAAAANT!


Aside from the storylines for the characters, I would like to see a time jump in the last episode ever, 5 years in the future or something. I’d also like an AU-episode. What if Chuck didn’t exist or something. (Like it happened in the OC with Ryan or in OTH with Lucas). I want to see a wedding and a holiday ep. Christmas or thanksgiving AGAIN, please. And maybe we could see someone else’s birthday than Blairs/Nates.


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Double Shippers

i've always shipped Chair. So i didn't ship Nair, Dair or whatever ;)Serena: I shipped Derena, Serenate and Scarter.Dan: Derena, Danessa I also did like Nate with Jenny but just for .. umm 4 episodes or something. haha.

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This is my opinion

Maybe someone would be more interested in your opinion if you had better arguments.

I’m a total fan of Chuck Bass. Not because he’s rich. Not because I like abusive relationships. He’s not the hero, he’s not perfect. But people who are fans of Chuck, are very understanding, emotional people I think. Despite all his mistakes and wrong decisions (I do not support the bad things he’s done.) he is a great guy. I know a guy who’s much like Chuck in that case, who has also made a lot of mistakes and he had a really hard past. He’s still making mistakes, but I won’t give up on him, because I try to understand what made him do this. 

I liked Dan a lot in the first seasons, but he has an easier life than Chuck. A lot easier. Even if Chuck’s rich and Dan’s poor. That’s absolutely nothing to do with it. People who are hurt & broken mostly make more mistakes than people who had an easier life.

Nobody has to tell you again that Chuck never hit Blair, right? I think you know this. It’s total unfair to call us fans of abusive relationships. Maybe you are just too superficial and ignorant to understand him a little. As I already said, I do not support the bad things he’s done but we all make mistakes, don’t we?  

So don’t even try to call me a freaky Chairio or any other stupid name you made up for people who like Chuck Bass.

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Anything else but Chair and Dair?

I was wondering if there are still people who watch the show for other reasons than Blair Waldorf's actual love drama? I used to love Blair more than anyone else in this show, but i'm fed up. Gossip Girl is much more than those ship wars. These wars are INSANE. Or are there any people who ship Dair or Chair but are not full of hate against the other ship?

As for me, I'm really pissed about this whole Blair-Louis-Chuck-Dan square. But I won't stop watching just because Chair's over, or Dair's happening, or Dan and Chuck are fighting or WHATEVER.I'll keep watching Gossip Girl because:- I really like Chuck as a character. (NOO! It's not because of Chair.) I hope there's an interesting SL coming up about Jack and Diana. Maybe a little more about Bass Industries too. (And Monkey of course! haha)- I freakin adore Nate Archibald. He's the sweetest character on Gossip Girl and he has the biggest heart. I'd die for more Natie-screentime. Nate being so grown up and successfull would have so much potential. Maybe we get something great for him too.- Lola and Ivy. I know, many people are bored by this story but I like it. I can't wait what happens next. I have to admit I'm a real Ivy fan.- Lily & Rufus. I think that says everything.- Serena. So many people are forgetting about her. Isn't she great? I like her more and more each episode. I hope she can get over her heartbreak and succeed in whatever she's going to do.


So.. I hope I'm not the only one who's watching this show because of the characters and not because of any couple. Of course, I also have my opinion about that Chair/Dair thing but I'm really really annoyed by this war.Anyone else?

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Dan and Serena need to come back

My fascination for the couples on this show are lost, because no couple is special for me anymore. Thanks S5.But for those who still believe in their ships, I really hope you're all getting your happy end!

BTW, the best thing about Derena were the snowflakes in S1. Such a romantic and sweet scene! 

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Dan and Serena need to come back

oh GOD, i meant DERENA not CHERENA. SORRY :D

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Dan and Serena need to come back

just wanted to say that i'm really sorry for you Cherena fans.I'm rewatching S1+2 with my girlies, as they have never watched GG until now. The two of them love DERENA soo much. One friend said "And you're really telling me he's going to be with Blair later? Why can't he stay with Serena forever!"

I'm not really Team Derena anymore because the writers killed them for me, but i'm really sorry for you. They were great! :(Just one season left and who's sad? Chair & Derena shippers. I can't believe that's happening. :(

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I like Nate with Lola

I also like Nate with Lola. I like them a lot.

I just hoped that they would make this love story more intensive. I’m sick of treating Nate like a random guest star. Diana, Jack, Chivy, Lola, CeCe – everyone of them is getting more screentime and better storylines than Nate. Wasn’t Nate supposed to be the male leading character in this show? He should be! I’m currently re-watching S2 and there’s already been a lack of Nateness in the show. Just because he isn’t super twisted, dark and scheming (Chuck, Blair), or poor & superfunny(Dan)? He just a good looking, rich and now successful young man who has the greatest heart on this show. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get a great, interesting storyline.

I was so happy when the Spectator SL came along. But that’s the only interesting thing he got since high school. They could have wait a little with Lola and get them really romantic scenes.. for example Lola finally falling for him one day. Instead they just left in the last episode and the next one, they’re lying in bed kissing? .. If not Lola (because I think she will be leaving in the end of this season anyway..), than give him a great lovestory with Serena (that’s the only thing from the books I still hope for!). I’m gonna be really disappointed if they just take the next guest star in S6 and make her hook up with Nate. AGAIN.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

@Lolita no one here is bashing you. :)


it's absolutely right. what comes next? blair dancing on a stage for dan?once the writers are done with copying chair moments, they will copy derena scenes. maybe after all the bad sex, they're going to have a romantic and wonderful night in a room full of paper-snowflakes. sorry, but if they want Dair, they should make them epic with NEW storylines and NEW epic moments.

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