Chair Observations

"Blair ONLY seems to want Chuck when he has a 'serious' girlfriend."

Sounds like you missed the entire 2nd and 3rd seasons of the show.

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Mercedes or Rachael?

Wowerz: I don't know what you mean. Re-watch "Preggers" and "Laryngitis." Tina got the solo at the end and Finn mentioned that Jesse started getting all the male leads.

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Mercedes is lazy. And next weeks promo.

I support Mercedes being more assertive in her goals but she completely went about it the wrong way. Calling Rachel an ass-kisser? Telling the rest of New Directions she's outgrown them? You'd think that after knowing Rachel for the past two years, Mercedes would know better than to pull this kind of behavior.

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Mercedes or Rachael?

lattyp: "Mr shue does play favourites and he  does give rachel all the best singing roles....."


I'm beginning to question whether that's true or not, mainly because there's a lot that happens off screen. For example, the first time they were doing "West Side Story," Will gave the solo to Tina, but we never saw a full performance from her. When Jesse was in New Directions, he supposedly got all the male leads that usually went to Finn, even though we never saw an actual ND performance with Jesse as the lead.

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Let's Play Game: Things The Writers Had Forgotten

Plot-wise, it makes sense that Quinn and Puck would avoid talking about Beth.


1) They're teenagers. You can't expect them to face their problems like adults.


2) The experience from conception to birth was agonizing for both of them. They probably needed a year to recover from the ordeal.

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Let's Play Game: Things The Writers Had Forgotten


1) Name one instance where the writers clearly forgot a plot or character detail.

2) Be as specific as you possibly can.



I'll go first.



The writers forgot that Mike was on the football team.

He was not in any of the locker room scenes early in season two. In "Never Been Kissed," Mike told Coach Beiste to "stay away from (his) girlfriend" and she didn't appear to recognize him. Later she refers to him as "some guy."


We don't see Mike back on the football team until "Furt" when the glee guys are needed to stand up to Karofsky.

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Your Favorite Performances

Let's talk about our favorite performances/sequences of the entire series. They can be your favorite for any reason whether they were funny, sad or just plain entertaining. Please note these don't necessarily have to be your favorite songs. Again, this is purely about the performance.


"Push It" - by ND's Original Six; the humor and cheesiness of the performance captures what the show is all about.

"Halo/Walking on Sunshine" - the glee girls were literally on drugs.

"You're Having My Baby" - that scene was classic Finn.

"Don't Rain On My Parade" - simple yet exhilarating.

"My Life Would Suck Without You" - I liked the "choreography medley."

"Gives You Hell" - boy was Rachel pissed.

"Like a Virgin" - the entire sequence was well done.

"Run Joey Run" - Rachel's idea of being "scandalous."

"Pink Houses" - when Kurt was trying to be straight; "…really bold interior decorating…" 

"The Safety Dance" - Artie's fantasy flash mob

"Tell Me Something Good" - Will was one step away from giving Sue a lap dance.


"I'm a Slave 4 U" - Heather was on FIRE!!!

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" - Kurt's flashbacks with his dad

"River Deep, Mountain High" - just non-stop fun.

"Sing!" - Mike in all his dancing, non-singing glory

"Teenage Dream" - I'm  a sucker for a cappellas.

"My Funny Valentine" - Even though it's vexing that Tina never gets to finish a solo, Jenna did a great job with this scene.

"I've Gotta Be Me" - Mike/Finn dancing callabo.

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What did everyone thing of the finale?

I agree that for a season finale, "New York" was missing something. "Journey to Regionals" nicely summed up all the drama and emotions that New Directions went through during the whole season, which made watching it all the more rewarding. For this finale, that sense of fulfillment wasn't as strong, despite the fact that they made to Nationals this time.


Question about one thing: Is it really unprofessional to kiss on stage or did the writers just make that up?

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Has Quinn ever done anything nice for Finn?

Sound and Quickftw:

If you truly care about someone, you would be there for him/her without expecting anything in return.

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Has Quinn ever done anything nice for Finn?

Has Quinn ever done anything nice for Finn?

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