i like N and S.. 

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Filming 08/11/10 - pics

aww i still want nate and s 

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BL doesn't want S killed off!

wahhh thank god..  i love serena and blair.. what is gg without them 

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Bonnie and Damon?

i like bonnie and damon.. i think they will be cute couple ♥

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more quotes

more quotes of pll pls.... thank you guys

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Dair who ???

i like this topic!!!


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New Chair Promo!!! (Spoilers)

omg i can't w8 it watch it omg!!!!!!!! dying!! i love chair

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All Things Chair

^^I guess that is the journey for Chair post breakup and hopefully it will lead to them realising who they are and also realising that they can be better and stronger together and can learn to love one anotehr with out hurting one another.


i love your answer!!

chair 4ever 

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All Things Chair

who is blair without chuck?

who is chuck without blair?

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"The Unblairable Lightness of Being" [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

Can someone just post the bloody scenes on Youtube for the poor Aussies to see? :P

And the poor argentinian here...

and the poor american here... lol

And the poor chilean here... 

And the poor Brazilian here x)

and poor pilipino here..

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