Favorite couple??

My favorite couple overall at the moment is Samcedes. They are such an unorthodox, unexpected couple...I mean prior to the Prom episode they hardly even shared a scene together but I LOVE them. They make me smile and I genuinely like both characters on their own.


I'm a Puckleberry shipper moreso. I just think they kind of fit each other perfectly. They balance each other out and they seem to really care about each other, even as friends.


I wouldn't ship Quinn with anyone. No one deserves that sort of punishment. She's just mean. I mean she and Santana are the resident bitches but at least Santana is vulnerable and sweet with Brittany. Quinn can't even allow herself to be vulnerable in a relationship with anyone. Ugh.

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It's NEVER okay to put your hands on anyone. Double standards are ridiculous.  If he would have smacked her for being a royal Bitch he'd have no sympathies...the same should be said. This is the problem with double standards...they leave too muuch room for wrong behaviour to be excused. Like the fact that people are more outraged by the fact that a gay person is having to deal with being "outed". I still maintained that technically her sexuality wasn't a secret in the school and the true wrongdoers were the adults who made the ad not FInn. But what really sucks here, is that the type of verbal abuse she unleashes on others is ignored because we'd rather focus on her hardships of being a lesbian. IT's reflective in the media as well. How many kids experience bullying to unthinkable levels and get ignored...but now, unfortunately the only time a spotlight is being put on bullying these days is when it's affecting a kid being bullied over their sexuality. What about everyone else? What about all those other voices being ignored because of other reasons? What kind of message does that send. I'm an activist of human rights. I'm for gay rights and civil rights and everything inbetween but it's so wrong to only put a spotlight on gay issues when there are sooo many other issues that need to be discussed along with it. So as a fan of Santana and a fan of Finn...it killed me that after that episode with all the horrible things going on by so many parties they only thing people want to discuss is how horrible it is that Santana got outed. It hurts me to my soul...because so many people got hurt physically,mentally, and emotionally in that episode...but she's the only one that people want to talk about. I hate how we feel the need to focus on one issue at the expense of another. Why does gay bullying have to take precedence over all the other forms of it? Why does abuse of women have to take precedence over abuse of men? Why do missing white kids have to take precedence over missing ethnic kids? I was horrified that Finn said what he said so loudly...but I was equally horrified by Santana's behavior, slapping people and throwing balls at their heads as well. None of it should have been happening. None of it is excusable and if Finn's actions aren't justifiable then you can't justify Santana being a bitch because "that's just the way she is."


There are plenty of graves filled with people who died too young because somebody like Santana was just being Santana. I REFUSE to excuse somebody's behavior because it's "just the way they are". The moment we as a society can stop doing that is the day where we can truly prevent school shootings and teen suicides. Period. End of Story.

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agree with sgleek. I actually like Santana most of the time, but she was ridiculously cruel and vicious in this particular episode and I hate when people use pathetic excuses to justify treating people a certain way. Everyone has problems, everyone has secrets, everyone has issues and troubles, and everyone is human. I can't excuse Santana being a royal bitch to everyone because she's hurting inside...her and everybody else at somepoint in their lives. If you yourself don't play by the rules you should NEVER assume everyone else is supposed to play by them. The fact that she didn't expect Finn to say anything back to her was insulting and equally as vicious. She expected him to take it...and as someone who doesn't get worked up often and lets things roll off my back until I get pushed too far and finally explode...I get that. She took advantage of the fact that he's usually fairly nice and doesn't usually say anything...that was foolish of her. Because he's human and is capable of being pushed too far. Everyone has a breaking point...and that was his. You know what people like Finn get in matters like this? The whole "be the bigger person" mantra. Which has always been a load of bs...something I personally recieve often because you're giving someone else the license to be horrible people w/o being put in their place, while almost punishing the person whose forced to recieve the viciousness.  It was wrong that Finn stated that in the hallways...but it never would have been said if she would have laid off of him. She initiated something and underestimated the repercussions that would come of it...that's on her. Maybe she'll learn something. It's a heck of lesson to learn but she did bring that one on herself. Those who live in glass houses...as the saying goes. Her house was made of fine crystal so she never should have started something assuming that no one else would finish it.  Santana's a bitch to everyone doesn't fly...the fact that she may or may not say things as comic relief doesn't fly either. For every person whose a Santana there is another person who isn't emotionally stable enough to handle her "jokes". A joke to others may not be a joke to someone else. I mean in the age of so many kids committing suicide and doing unthinkable things...you'd think people would realize that. Simply put...never underestimate your opponent. You don't know what other people are going through or the mindset that their in or whether or not your "joke" could be the final straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. It was a reality check for her...and yes Finn did do it out of retaliation...but who wouldn't have?It doesn't take away from the fact that he spoke truth..it was still a life lesson. Clearly somethings aren't funny. What annoys me is she should have learned this lesson a while ago. It reminded me of how she had the audacity to be crying and upset when Rachel told her that she'd end up swinging on a pole when she was older...was it harsh? Yes...did she push Rachel to the point where Rachel retaliated? yeah. I cannot be mad at Rachel for that. Lesson should have been learned then, but instead Santana got even more vicious. I also hate the fact that if Santana was shredding a girl the way she was shredding Finn, it would be catastrophic.

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I sincerely thought Sam was gay and meant to be Kurt's love interest initially but then when it was established that he wasn't I was okay with that.

I'm not too big on shipping but endgame I'd love it to be





I guess Tartie, or Chang Chang, Klaine.Fuinn

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Who do you think should comeback for season 3 Lauren, Blaine, or Sam>

I like all of them. I think they all should stay.If anything I think the two characters they plan on introducing next season aren't necessary. They have nice size cast as it is.

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Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)

They tried something "new" (althought it's been done too many times before). wasn't a fan.

Best parts of the episode for me.

1.Yang coming up with the plan. Loved how badass she was in that moment. I'm an indifferent Yang fan but enjoyed that.

2. mark finally losing his cool with Arizona. I'm beyond over the excessive Calzona stuff. It's overkill, especially considering I don't like half of the ship, but I digress. I love that Mark finally lashed out on her the way she lashes out on him. And as hurtful as it was he spoke the truth.

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Five least favorite Grey's character's

Least fave Curren Characters:

1. Mer- I know it's unpopular but she never held my interest all that much. I'm not saying she shouldn't be there though. She just never thrilled me.

2. Arizona-I liked her in the beginning. She's gotten progressively worst since then and I wish she went back to having a smaller role in the show. I lost respect for her and she went from being a minor annoyance to being someone I can't stand.

3. Teddy-Although I think her storyline with the patient could be interesting if they dare write for it and take time away from other characters...She doesn't serve a purpose anymore. I don't really understand why she is still there.

4.Lucy- I don't know what it is. I just don't really like her.

5.April- while she has grown on me and had some fun moments. I don't understand why she is still there either. She's not interesting and she's annoying.

Least Fave of Past Characters:

1.Thatcher- I didn't respect his character. You just don't bail and start a new family. You don't.

2. Rose- Actually didn't mind her until she went all psycho towards the end.

3. Sadie-never understood why her character came in to begin with the be honest.

4.Ava/Rebecca- She was interesting at first and then she became this horrible character with no morals.

5. Syph Nurse- yeahhh...eww.

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Who's The Grown-Up Here? (M/A/C)

Salix, if I could reach through the computer screen and hug you right now I probably would! I was starting to think I was the only one who seen Mark as being the most rational individual in this entire situation! It's safe to say that I don't like Arizona but I do like Callie and it's been infuriating me to see that some of the Calzona fans have been practically bashing Mark when he isn't the one being unreasonable here. Between he and Arizona he is the one that's ponying up and he's more than nice to her, and respectful of her, and willing to share parental responsibilities with her when legally he doesn't have to. He hasn't complained once and he very well could complain about a number of things and yet Arizona constantly lashes out at  him and it's uncalled for...and she never apologizes for it either.

That's another thing that bothers me about Arizona and her take on Mark and this triangle. Mark loves Callie but not in a romantic way. She's his best friend. Arizona is constantly feeling threatened and she shouldn't. Arizona also feels insecure that she doesn't always know Callie as well as Mark does. She lashes out at Mark and only now chooses it get pissed over this triangle thing but she would have always been a triangle. If Mark came into the picture after Callie and Arizonamet I could understand Arizona's feelings, but he was always there...which means she knew what she was getting into as far as him and Callie being close.


Arizona left and she didn't want kids. It isn't true for anyone to say that she wanted a baby with Callie and Callie alone, becasue she didn't want a baby at all. Now she agrees to be a part of this kid's life...reluctantly and only after her arm was pulled about abandoning Callie and she wants to shut Mark out altogether. Mark was not a sperm donor. He was an active participant in a sexual relationship with Callie where a baby wasn't part of the plan. If he was a sperm donor then yeah, Arizona would have a right to demand he step back from the baby and Callie but he isn't. HE's the baby's father, and whether she was a lesbian lover of a boyfriend of Callie's it doesn't change the fact that Mark has a right to be a part of his child's life and he would always have more rights than she has. So yeah. Arizona is the one that has been and is being the most childish in this entrire situation and yet Mark is the one that's catching the most flak and I too don't understand why that is, because he's gone above and beyond, and she showed a side of her that made me dislike her character more than I ever have before.

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Lesbian Relationships (Relationships)

guess I can't edit. I also found it interesting that before Arizona was introduced there were a lot of people who absolutely loved Callie and Erica together, for the mere fact that they were lesbians I'm assuming. I actually liked them and preferred their romantic relationship over Arizona and Callie. I was a bit annoyed when they let go of the actress who played Hahn...more or less because she wasn't "pretty" enough to be in a relationship with Callie. Only then to replace her with the younger, chipper, prettier version of her. Then those same people who were in support of Erica and Callie suddenly became huge Calzona shippers and some of them even bash Hahn now which is just wrong to me. I think that it's just sad that so many people support this relationship that otherwise wouldn't be great...just because it's a lesbian one...and I think that it sucks that Calzona dominates the show a great deal of the time and isn't treated as realistically as other relationships for the mere fact in an attempt to appease a broader audience, to be trendy, and edgy...and cover homosexuality in the show.  It's so overt that they want to keep Calzona for the mere fact of having lesbians that they don't actually put much thought and great writing into them. IMO. It's like settling for less rather than the best and applauding them just for having this relationship for the sake of having it rather than giving it the best that they have and treating it like the other relationships in the show. It makes it come off as a blantant ploy and for me personally it illicits the adverse reaction.

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Lesbian Relationships (Relationships)

actually agree with the original poster. They do cram the Calzona relationship down everyone's throats. It's great and no one notices it if they are a fan of the actual pairing, but if you aren't it's frustrating. I like Callie. I don't however like Arizona and I wasn't pleased when she became a regular character. I enjoy her in the doctor aspect of the show but I don't think she is good for Callie. I think that is probably what makes seeing the excessive time that they get so frustrating. They don't in reality make a great couple...their issues would have broken any couple (gay or straight) in reality up a long time ago. I think it would have been more interesting if we seen Callie play the field a bit more before putting her in a serious relationship with the first gay character on there (after Hahn). I'd rather see Callie with a woman who actually has a tad more in common with her and who brings out the best in her character and I don't see Arizona doing that. My problem isn't with the lesbian relationship on the show, my problem is with the crappy lesbian relationship between two women who in reality would never be able to make their relationship work  be constantly in the forefront. It's like standing by your friend who is dating a person who is all wrong for them and having to watch them every single day, all day. My other problem is that most people only adore Callie and Arizona becaus they are in a lesbian relationship...and just like people shouldn't hate them because they are in a lesbian relationship, they shouldn't love them just because of that fact either. Instead of holding out for a great example of a lesbian relationship it forces people to settle for a mediocre one.

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