Worst Relationship and why? (Relationships)

Derek and Rose.-It was forced and unnecesary and she was such a flat character.

Alex and Eva/- The  patient/doctor thing was a biggie. She was married. She used him...just didn't like it or her.

Callie and Arizona. I know, but it's true. Honestly I think most people are so busy loving the fact that they are a lesbian couple,that no one pays attention to how they actually don't work in a relationship. They are very different...in all the wrong ways. They don't want the same things, they continually hurt each other, they are very unbalanced in the relationship...very seldom do both of them actually end up on equal footing. I could go on for days.

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What the hell Mercedes?

They're frenemies that way. They constantly rag on one another (and despite all the critiques rachel dishes just as much as she recieves it is in fact mutual) but they will have each other's backs when it counts.

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

No particular order.












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How Puck ended up the ONLY guy on this show with Integrity

have to agree that Puck is one of the few characters who is gradually taking a turn for the better. You better understand why he's the way he is. You know that the cocky persona is mostly just an act and he allows himself to be more vulnerable which in turn makes him increasingly more likeable. he's more willing to stand up for things he believes are right and doesn't worry about the consequences they may cause to him. Also he's more perceptive.  As a result, I don't think he's ever going to be a good match for Quinn.

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Will Lauren leave New Directions?

I adore Lauren. She's a great character and offers a great deal of comic relief. She has the personality that is essential for performing. So while she may not offer much in the singing like the others, or offer in the dancing like the others, she has the charisma and star quality that is just as important for any performance. She's witty, snarky, and unbelievably hilarious so I'm all for her staying. She offers the other end of the spectrum for some of the crazy shallowness that happens on the show. She's probably the most confident person there, which is great to see when most of the time we witness the insecurities and lack of confidence but all the other characters, including those who appear to be confident like Santana, Puck, and Quinn.

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I think it should be amusing. They're a bunch of teenage kids doing stupid, reckless things that teens do. They're drunk and playing spin the bottle. It happens. I think Kurt's feelings will be hurt because he's a bit dramatic at times when it comes to things but it isn't a problematic situation that can't be overcome. Drunk kids playing a silly game will lead to some stupid things. Kurt would be pissed if Blaine had to kiss anyone other than him during a game of spin the  bottle. I also think in some ways it will benefit Blaine to loosen up a bit. Both he and Rachel tend to need to loosen up just a tad and they've both acknowledged that in around about ways so they're being daring and trying to loosen up. I don't think Rachel is doing it to piss off Kurt, she's doing it because she's still working on her "image" so she would attack any person she had to kiss with vigor.

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Does anybody not like Quinn?

I'm s aucker for a good complicated character but I don't care for Quinn at all. I liked her most when she was vulnerable during the middle part of her pregnancy but I haven't cared for her since then. She's a social climber and she's mean for no reason. I don't quite see her appeal.

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